Sunday, February 27, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Words To Live By

Words To Live By
The boy that I was… Kurtis Wolfe… was like any other teenage kid. Loved sports, loved games, and was heavily influenced by my policeman dad Richard. I never gave a thought once that I would ever see myself as someone else.

Until that morning that I woke up as Kellianne Wolfe, an super cute 16 year old girl.

My whole existence as Kurt was gone – my basketball trophies were replaced with cheerleading ribbons – my poster of Katy Perry was gone, replaced with Robert Pattison. But as I dressed in my new clothes – and underwear! – I ran across a woman I had seen before – but I had known all my life.

My single dad Rich was now my single mom, Rebecca – a 40 year old with a gorgeous, face, figure, and smile. She held my quivering hands and spoke reassuringly about our dual transformations – and why…

“Those drug lords I put away last year – I almost died of my wounds but a shaman woman healed me and in return, when she passes into the next realm, myself and my daughter will take over her work. Until then, Kelli and Becky exist to help shelter our friends and family from those evil thugs. Our love as a family will protect us. I love you my child and I am look forward to being your mother.”

“Mom,” I sobbed as we embraced, and cried together.

Ten years later, as I sit here in a gorgeous house that Gary and I bought, with our baby gently tossing in my belly, with my wonderful Mom , my doting step-dad , and my Gary all enjoying a wonderful dinner, I think back to the day of our change. Mom’s words spoke from the heart – together, we closer as mother and daughter. And those evil men never darkened our doorstep…

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