Sunday, February 20, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - We're a Family - a WERE-Family

Jimmy Knight always wondered why his dad Don made himself scarce once a month, turning him over to a babysitter for 72 hours every four weeks. Finally, on his 18th birthday, Don asked Jimmy to accompany him to a strange man’s house outside of town.

They went into a room together, and the man asked both single father and son to strip down to nothing and to put on two silky robes. Then Jimmy watched in amazement as the stranger chanted a curse, and Don’s body convulsed as if possessed

He was – or rather SHE was, as Don’s lean but very male body underwent a total transformation. Don now had long black hair, long red fingernails, two juicy breasts, and a moist slit between her legs.

“Come to me, Deborah,” the stranger instructed the new woman, who hungrily crawled to her new master, undid his robe, and began oral ministrations on his rather large cock.

Stunned , Jimmy could only watch as Deborah sucked; rather than being aghast, Jimmy felt his own pussy throb. Realization overwhelmed the lad, who had also transformed to her own shock.

“Don’t worry, Jennifer – you are a were-woman; you have inherited your family curse, but I think you’ll think of it more as a blessing, just as your mother has.”

Deborah stopped and smiled at her new daughter. “You know you want it, honey,” she cooed.

Jennifer grinned and said, “Slide over Mom. I want a taste of that bad boy!”

And that night and the next few days, both Deb and Jen got to taste – and the feel – of the warlock’s appendage. The mage’s spunk was as endless as his dark energy, as he thoroughly spent both of his dark and sexy concubines!

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