Sunday, February 13, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - No More Waiting!


“So baby, aren’t you glad you stop pretending and came out as a girl?,” Leanne seductively cooed to Alexa.

“Oh Mom, I’m so happy that I get to be your daughter. And thank you for letting me share Sergio and Ryan with you tonight. They look SO delicious!,” the burgeoning she-male whispered back.

Leanne nodded, and then she and Alexa turned their sissy asses in the direction of dueling 8” erections. Six weeks of hormones had already given Alexa a cute booty and some perky little tits – and by the following year she would have the same augmentation her former father did. But for now her hair had grown out and her skin was and luscious.

Leanne had already rocked the worlds of both these studly tranny lovers, and she had prepped the girl who had been born her son for this moment. In the boudoir, both Powell gurls were in their element. They worshipped their mens’ cocks, and once Alexa tasted her first shot of cum, she knew she was addicted to the spunk just like Leanne. Then she watched the guys tag team the beauty who was her genetic father but in all that mattered to Alexa – she was Leanne, her stunning mother.

After watching Leanne work their meat in both her holes, she motioned for her daughter to come over and lie next to her. The duo cuddled, and Leanne frigged her baby’s “clitoris” until she was ready to burst. Alexa knew both of them were harder than diamonds, and then she saw that Sergio and Ryan were “up” again. Mom and daughter held hands and their lovers plunged into their cunts.

Leanne would have heard her child’s screams of passion – but she was crazy with lust and demanding that the studs “fuck us, don’t stop fucking us!” After the boys left, the gurls cuddled in bed for the next two days.

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