Friday, February 11, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - No More Pretending!


You’re in a fantasy world, mister! Quit pretending you’re someone you that you’re not!

Nancy Powell seemed to live to belittle and bitch about the men in her life. Her husband Lloyd was eternally under Nancy’s shrewish thumb for not making enough money, not being as hunky as a movie star and not being enough of a father figure.

After divorcing Lloyd, Nancy raised their son Anthony – and the young became his mother’s favorite target as he grew into puberty. Anthony’s self-esteem was on the run, and when the boy was 18, he beat an immediate retreat after one night’s tirade by Nancy was the last straw.

Secretly, Anthony and Lloyd had kept in touch by email, and Anthony received a bus ticket to the coast where his dad had supposedly found some work and a new “lifestyle.”

A busty blonde cougar pulled up at the bus station and whistled Anthony over. Wow, does Dad have a hot new girlfriend? Then the kid froze. It was his Dad!

“People call me Leanne now – but you can call me Mom!” Lloyd grinned as she hugged her bewildered child.

“Well Mom… I just happened to be in the market for a new parent away!,” laughed Anthony.

“I had no idea…” “That I felt the same way you do… more man than woman?” Leanne cooed.

Anthony gasped. “How… how did you know that… I felt that way?”

“Well, if the bitch who birthed you really had any sense of true female intuition, she would have seen that we both cried out to be girls.”

Leanne took Anthony to her condo, and by the end of the weekend, her new daughter Alexa made her debut. Although both Alexa and her mom still had their manhood inside their pretty panties, they carried on like the two hot blondes that they were… no more pretending that they were guys!

Speaking of guys - “And now, my darling,” Leanne cooed to Alexa, “I want to show you the BEST part of be a pretty sexy girl!”

To be continued…

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