Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - A New Appreciation

Connor Jenkins (22) constantly argued that his brother Steve (25) and dad Frank (47) had no appreciation for new and exciting, and led boring lives.

“Live a little, explore your soul,” he often preached. While dad and big bro were into football, cars, and cigars, Connor enjoyed Harry Potter, wine tasting, and fashion.

So it’s not really ironic that Connor had a strong feminine vibe to his soul, and he did enjoy dressing as his alter ego, the cute blonde babe Christi.

But he knew that his family would never
understand what exhilaration he felt – until one day, a mysterious fog surrounded the house they all shared. Christi awoke as Christi – as if she was born with that beautiful and sexy. Two odd screams confirmed that as they slept, Steve and Frank changed as well.

Christi smiled – for once, they would all be
forced out of their comfort zone as they dealt with their new identities, bodies and feelings. The memory of their male forms were forgotten by all in their small town – everyone knew them as Christi, her big sister Sara, and mother Felicia.

And so the Jenkins girls adapted to their new lives, and the trio shared many wonderful feminine experiences. Such as their first night out.
Several eligible bachelors sought them out.

“Mom, sis,” Christi taunted, “Don’t you want to find out what it’s like to be with a man?”

Felicia and Sara’s hearts raced, for they knew they knew that their new appreciation of men was something they would enjoy exploring!

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