Saturday, February 5, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Ménage à Trois

Ménage à Trois

Greg, you and your son Matt really have come along way. Thanks to my influence, you have both become two mega-got blonde shemales!”

“Roy, baby, my new daughter Miranda and I love how transformed us!"

"Now I’m so looking forward to being your sissy bride Gloria and helping my little girl find her own tranny loving man to please her.”

“Mom – I love you but get the fuck out of here! Roy may have been the kid you coached in high school, but he’s always been my hero and unofficial big brother. He turned me into Miranda so that he could make me his trophy wife with a cock, and you’ll be Gloria, his super T-MILFy mother in law!”

“Actually, ladies… since I’m depraved enough to make my father figure mentor and unoffical kid brother into horny sluts with dicks… I’m depraved enough to have two wives. I’m a bigamist as well as a lover of dickgirls who used to be a boy and his dad. What do you think?”

“I think that’s super fucking kinky and I’m hard just thinking about sharing a bed with both of you. Don’t you agree, Daddy… I mean Mom aka my new husband’s other wife? (giggle)"

“Does that make us sisters as well as mom and daughter, sweetie? Either way, Roy will have his

hands full with us. Darling, we’re going to let you fuck us mad, and then we’re going to the mall. We need to look perfect for our wonderful husband, Roy Wilson.”

“I have no problem, girls. I have the best of all worlds. I’m so happy to be the man of this house, now and forever… now give me some sugar, both of you…”

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