Monday, February 21, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - A Family Recieves Therapy

Necessary Therapy for Three Girls

“OMG, Mom, I can’t believe he asked you to marry him,” 11-year old Sarah said as she toyed with the 21 carat ring that Jerry gave me.

“You’ll be so beautiful in your gown,” 12 year old Amy gushed, “And we’ll be your maids of honor!”

At that moment, I reminisced to the day four years ago, when I, as their father Mike, found my son Andy and his little brother Simon dressed in women's’ clothes left behind when Charlotte left me a widower and single father. At the time, I thought that it was just a phase they were going to cope with the loss of their birth mother, but Dr. Jacobs, our therapist, saw it differently.

“They are transgender, they show the classic signs of gender dysphoria. Better they face their identities now while they are young and can make a choice.”

It was true – Andy and Simon seemed too docile to be rowdy boys – and kind in mind, this was a trait that Charlotte and I knew came not from her demeanor – but mine. So what did that say of me?

“Perhaps,” the therapist suggested, “It’s time for you to face what’s in your soul, Michael.”

I called a family meeting, and I delicately asked my sons if they felt like spending some summer vacation time as sisters would be a good idea. Their eyes said yes, please – but they still wanted to not be seen as less than good sons to their father – oh what darlings.

Then I dropped an unexpected bombshell, “What if I told you that not only would you be my daughters – that I would also dress as a woman, as your Aunt Melanie?”

They both hugged me, and then Amy said, “Why don’t you want to be our mother? We sure could use a mommy.”

After that the tears came very freely and we all committed to our experiment. Well, our experiment is now the reality of our lives.

My darling daughters are beautiful, happy, and quite popular amongst the boys in their class – as the hormones begin to take effect, they will blossom into two gorgeous young women. They certainly helped me with my shape and my demeanor – and Dr. Jacobs was a big help. I now call him my darling Paul, and what a INCREDIBLE stepdad, husband, provider, and lover he has turned out to be!

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