Sunday, February 27, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Words To Live By

Words To Live By
The boy that I was… Kurtis Wolfe… was like any other teenage kid. Loved sports, loved games, and was heavily influenced by my policeman dad Richard. I never gave a thought once that I would ever see myself as someone else.

Until that morning that I woke up as Kellianne Wolfe, an super cute 16 year old girl.

My whole existence as Kurt was gone – my basketball trophies were replaced with cheerleading ribbons – my poster of Katy Perry was gone, replaced with Robert Pattison. But as I dressed in my new clothes – and underwear! – I ran across a woman I had seen before – but I had known all my life.

My single dad Rich was now my single mom, Rebecca – a 40 year old with a gorgeous, face, figure, and smile. She held my quivering hands and spoke reassuringly about our dual transformations – and why…

“Those drug lords I put away last year – I almost died of my wounds but a shaman woman healed me and in return, when she passes into the next realm, myself and my daughter will take over her work. Until then, Kelli and Becky exist to help shelter our friends and family from those evil thugs. Our love as a family will protect us. I love you my child and I am look forward to being your mother.”

“Mom,” I sobbed as we embraced, and cried together.

Ten years later, as I sit here in a gorgeous house that Gary and I bought, with our baby gently tossing in my belly, with my wonderful Mom , my doting step-dad , and my Gary all enjoying a wonderful dinner, I think back to the day of our change. Mom’s words spoke from the heart – together, we closer as mother and daughter. And those evil men never darkened our doorstep…

Thursday, February 24, 2011

SALUTE TO TIFFANY: A very special Annie's Caps

I sent this to my galpal Tiffany of Tiffany Trapped Caps - she the ablility to make what must be a 1000 amazing caps. :)

Eric promised his son Tony that dressing in drag was just “for fun” and they would always look back at Halloween and laugh about it.

“Isn’t it funny, TIFFANY?” the former father said to her ex-son. “We thought this would be a one time thing, until the rich doctor fell in love with me as ELANIE, and he assumed that you were my genetic daughter. Then he introduced to you to his son, and now we’re sexy girls full time! “

“I I know, MOM! It’s wonderful – it’s like a TG caption blog fantasy come true!”

Monday, February 21, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - A Family Recieves Therapy

Necessary Therapy for Three Girls

“OMG, Mom, I can’t believe he asked you to marry him,” 11-year old Sarah said as she toyed with the 21 carat ring that Jerry gave me.

“You’ll be so beautiful in your gown,” 12 year old Amy gushed, “And we’ll be your maids of honor!”

At that moment, I reminisced to the day four years ago, when I, as their father Mike, found my son Andy and his little brother Simon dressed in women's’ clothes left behind when Charlotte left me a widower and single father. At the time, I thought that it was just a phase they were going to cope with the loss of their birth mother, but Dr. Jacobs, our therapist, saw it differently.

“They are transgender, they show the classic signs of gender dysphoria. Better they face their identities now while they are young and can make a choice.”

It was true – Andy and Simon seemed too docile to be rowdy boys – and kind in mind, this was a trait that Charlotte and I knew came not from her demeanor – but mine. So what did that say of me?

“Perhaps,” the therapist suggested, “It’s time for you to face what’s in your soul, Michael.”

I called a family meeting, and I delicately asked my sons if they felt like spending some summer vacation time as sisters would be a good idea. Their eyes said yes, please – but they still wanted to not be seen as less than good sons to their father – oh what darlings.

Then I dropped an unexpected bombshell, “What if I told you that not only would you be my daughters – that I would also dress as a woman, as your Aunt Melanie?”

They both hugged me, and then Amy said, “Why don’t you want to be our mother? We sure could use a mommy.”

After that the tears came very freely and we all committed to our experiment. Well, our experiment is now the reality of our lives.

My darling daughters are beautiful, happy, and quite popular amongst the boys in their class – as the hormones begin to take effect, they will blossom into two gorgeous young women. They certainly helped me with my shape and my demeanor – and Dr. Jacobs was a big help. I now call him my darling Paul, and what a INCREDIBLE stepdad, husband, provider, and lover he has turned out to be!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - We're a Family - a WERE-Family

Jimmy Knight always wondered why his dad Don made himself scarce once a month, turning him over to a babysitter for 72 hours every four weeks. Finally, on his 18th birthday, Don asked Jimmy to accompany him to a strange man’s house outside of town.

They went into a room together, and the man asked both single father and son to strip down to nothing and to put on two silky robes. Then Jimmy watched in amazement as the stranger chanted a curse, and Don’s body convulsed as if possessed

He was – or rather SHE was, as Don’s lean but very male body underwent a total transformation. Don now had long black hair, long red fingernails, two juicy breasts, and a moist slit between her legs.

“Come to me, Deborah,” the stranger instructed the new woman, who hungrily crawled to her new master, undid his robe, and began oral ministrations on his rather large cock.

Stunned , Jimmy could only watch as Deborah sucked; rather than being aghast, Jimmy felt his own pussy throb. Realization overwhelmed the lad, who had also transformed to her own shock.

“Don’t worry, Jennifer – you are a were-woman; you have inherited your family curse, but I think you’ll think of it more as a blessing, just as your mother has.”

Deborah stopped and smiled at her new daughter. “You know you want it, honey,” she cooed.

Jennifer grinned and said, “Slide over Mom. I want a taste of that bad boy!”

And that night and the next few days, both Deb and Jen got to taste – and the feel – of the warlock’s appendage. The mage’s spunk was as endless as his dark energy, as he thoroughly spent both of his dark and sexy concubines!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Madame Jae's - Parental Guidance




I didn’t complete understand why my son Noah felt like dressing in girl’s clothes – after all, I was a simple Tennessee redneck named Lyle Thorne, and I thought I was like any other “he-man” - but he was my child, I was a single dad, and thanks to guiding words from my Mama – God rest her soul – I couldn’t say no to him – or her. And Mama spent most every penny she had on creating a beautiful granddaughter where once there had been a sad, shy boy.

At age 17, Norah was beautiful, bubbly, confident, and loving – the very definition of a Southern Belle. And she was so devoted to her Mom-Mom, but after many years, Mama’s heart problems was getting progressively worse, and we all knew her time was running out on God’s green earth.

“Norah needs her mother now,” Mom whispered to me one day as she lay in bed.

“Mama, you know Abby died after Norah was born,” I replied.

“I’m talking about you – Lillian. Yes, Lily – that’s what I should have called you. You were the prettiest baby and you were often mistaken for a little girl. Now listen to me very carefully,” as she showed me some information she received in the mail from a place called “Madame Jae’s”

A seemingly mad plan was hatched a month after we buried Momma. Lyle and Noah left Chattanooga for the big city – two weeks later Lily and her daughter came back, forever changed by their joint experience. My life as a woman – and as Norah’s mother – wasn’t always easy, but my little girl (who was 2” taller than her former dad!) threw her love and energy into helping me become who I should have been all along.

It was her encouragement that led to my comfort level in showing off my figure, and even in venturing into the dating world. We even double dated, and in the powder room, she teasingly reminded me to “act like a lady, Momma. “ I guess in that moment, our roles were reversed – how ironic. We grew closer as mother and daughter – thanks to our dear Momma.

And then one day, we got a very interesting letter from Madame Jae…

Dearest Lily and Norah,

All of us here at the Salon truly miss your sparkling presence, and it was truly beautiful the way you honored your mother/grandmother in the way you carried yourselves as beautiful women.

Madame Jae’s Enterprises continues to grow its brand of family femininity and to that end, I have a wonderful proposal for the two of you, along with several other mother/daughter duos. Please accept our offer for complimentary airfare to visit us again the week of March 10. You by RSVP by phone or email. I truly hope to see both of my darling girls very soon,

With Love….. MJ

“Oh gosh, Momma, it will be so great to see Madame and all of the ladies there. Our new friends, some of the other MJ girls, and…”

“And those handsome J-Clubbers… Norah.”

“Momma… there you go again with your new hormones running wild…”

“Hush, sugar. Don’t play innocent with me young lady. Now if you’ll hand me the phone, we’ll call Madame to reserve our new adventure!”

Sunday, February 13, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - No More Waiting!


“So baby, aren’t you glad you stop pretending and came out as a girl?,” Leanne seductively cooed to Alexa.

“Oh Mom, I’m so happy that I get to be your daughter. And thank you for letting me share Sergio and Ryan with you tonight. They look SO delicious!,” the burgeoning she-male whispered back.

Leanne nodded, and then she and Alexa turned their sissy asses in the direction of dueling 8” erections. Six weeks of hormones had already given Alexa a cute booty and some perky little tits – and by the following year she would have the same augmentation her former father did. But for now her hair had grown out and her skin was and luscious.

Leanne had already rocked the worlds of both these studly tranny lovers, and she had prepped the girl who had been born her son for this moment. In the boudoir, both Powell gurls were in their element. They worshipped their mens’ cocks, and once Alexa tasted her first shot of cum, she knew she was addicted to the spunk just like Leanne. Then she watched the guys tag team the beauty who was her genetic father but in all that mattered to Alexa – she was Leanne, her stunning mother.

After watching Leanne work their meat in both her holes, she motioned for her daughter to come over and lie next to her. The duo cuddled, and Leanne frigged her baby’s “clitoris” until she was ready to burst. Alexa knew both of them were harder than diamonds, and then she saw that Sergio and Ryan were “up” again. Mom and daughter held hands and their lovers plunged into their cunts.

Leanne would have heard her child’s screams of passion – but she was crazy with lust and demanding that the studs “fuck us, don’t stop fucking us!” After the boys left, the gurls cuddled in bed for the next two days.

Friday, February 11, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - No More Pretending!


You’re in a fantasy world, mister! Quit pretending you’re someone you that you’re not!

Nancy Powell seemed to live to belittle and bitch about the men in her life. Her husband Lloyd was eternally under Nancy’s shrewish thumb for not making enough money, not being as hunky as a movie star and not being enough of a father figure.

After divorcing Lloyd, Nancy raised their son Anthony – and the young became his mother’s favorite target as he grew into puberty. Anthony’s self-esteem was on the run, and when the boy was 18, he beat an immediate retreat after one night’s tirade by Nancy was the last straw.

Secretly, Anthony and Lloyd had kept in touch by email, and Anthony received a bus ticket to the coast where his dad had supposedly found some work and a new “lifestyle.”

A busty blonde cougar pulled up at the bus station and whistled Anthony over. Wow, does Dad have a hot new girlfriend? Then the kid froze. It was his Dad!

“People call me Leanne now – but you can call me Mom!” Lloyd grinned as she hugged her bewildered child.

“Well Mom… I just happened to be in the market for a new parent away!,” laughed Anthony.

“I had no idea…” “That I felt the same way you do… more man than woman?” Leanne cooed.

Anthony gasped. “How… how did you know that… I felt that way?”

“Well, if the bitch who birthed you really had any sense of true female intuition, she would have seen that we both cried out to be girls.”

Leanne took Anthony to her condo, and by the end of the weekend, her new daughter Alexa made her debut. Although both Alexa and her mom still had their manhood inside their pretty panties, they carried on like the two hot blondes that they were… no more pretending that they were guys!

Speaking of guys - “And now, my darling,” Leanne cooed to Alexa, “I want to show you the BEST part of be a pretty sexy girl!”

To be continued…

Sunday, February 6, 2011

MOTB: Sisters FOURever

MOTB Tales: Sisters FOURever

A year ago, when my brother Craig shared with me his heart’s desire was to be a woman, a mother, and a man’s bride, I thought, Bro, you flipped your lid – you drive a tractor trailer, and your sons Jesse and Ryan love to play sports and act like little terrors, the way we used to do when we were growing up!

But in the three years I was away in the Army, I can see that this whole family has changed!

Not only was Craig now living as Candace,a curvy brunette who was in the arms of a doctor as his fiancee – but his boys had become HER daughters! The new Jodi and Ruthi were nothing like the hell raisers they had supplanted – they were devoted to their mom and were so excited to be in Candace’s bridal party.

“I still need to find a maid of honor – what do you say, baby sister?”

I froze – and rather than take flight, I chose to support my big sister and let her and her girlfriends take me under their wing.

The results were amazing! As

Cpl. Shawn Bryant, I was a tough guy. But when I emerged with golden blonde hair and my own curves, I was Sandra Bryant – Candi’s little sister, and “Aunt Sandi” to Jodi and Ruthi. Candi got me a job with her firm, where we got the nickname “Sister-taries” but sis resigned shortly to prepare for her new life as Mrs. Paul Court - homemaker and trophy wife. We enjoyed bonding as sisters while watching my nieces do the same.

Candi’s wedding day was incredible. She was soooo gorgeous and a vision in ivory. Ruthi was the cutest flower girl and Jodi was a doll as junior bridesmaid. Watching her femininity flourish in her first dance with a boy was so touching, both my sister and I choked back tears of pride.

As for yours truly – I can’t believe that I was such a pretty maid. Paul’s handsome best man Andrew escorted me into the church, and we danced all night – and later that night he opened my eyes to how wonderful being a desirable woman is. Oh my God! Maybe I have found Mr. Right?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Ménage à Trois

Ménage à Trois

Greg, you and your son Matt really have come along way. Thanks to my influence, you have both become two mega-got blonde shemales!”

“Roy, baby, my new daughter Miranda and I love how transformed us!"

"Now I’m so looking forward to being your sissy bride Gloria and helping my little girl find her own tranny loving man to please her.”

“Mom – I love you but get the fuck out of here! Roy may have been the kid you coached in high school, but he’s always been my hero and unofficial big brother. He turned me into Miranda so that he could make me his trophy wife with a cock, and you’ll be Gloria, his super T-MILFy mother in law!”

“Actually, ladies… since I’m depraved enough to make my father figure mentor and unoffical kid brother into horny sluts with dicks… I’m depraved enough to have two wives. I’m a bigamist as well as a lover of dickgirls who used to be a boy and his dad. What do you think?”

“I think that’s super fucking kinky and I’m hard just thinking about sharing a bed with both of you. Don’t you agree, Daddy… I mean Mom aka my new husband’s other wife? (giggle)"

“Does that make us sisters as well as mom and daughter, sweetie? Either way, Roy will have his

hands full with us. Darling, we’re going to let you fuck us mad, and then we’re going to the mall. We need to look perfect for our wonderful husband, Roy Wilson.”

“I have no problem, girls. I have the best of all worlds. I’m so happy to be the man of this house, now and forever… now give me some sugar, both of you…”

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - A New Appreciation

Connor Jenkins (22) constantly argued that his brother Steve (25) and dad Frank (47) had no appreciation for new and exciting, and led boring lives.

“Live a little, explore your soul,” he often preached. While dad and big bro were into football, cars, and cigars, Connor enjoyed Harry Potter, wine tasting, and fashion.

So it’s not really ironic that Connor had a strong feminine vibe to his soul, and he did enjoy dressing as his alter ego, the cute blonde babe Christi.

But he knew that his family would never
understand what exhilaration he felt – until one day, a mysterious fog surrounded the house they all shared. Christi awoke as Christi – as if she was born with that beautiful and sexy. Two odd screams confirmed that as they slept, Steve and Frank changed as well.

Christi smiled – for once, they would all be
forced out of their comfort zone as they dealt with their new identities, bodies and feelings. The memory of their male forms were forgotten by all in their small town – everyone knew them as Christi, her big sister Sara, and mother Felicia.

And so the Jenkins girls adapted to their new lives, and the trio shared many wonderful feminine experiences. Such as their first night out.
Several eligible bachelors sought them out.

“Mom, sis,” Christi taunted, “Don’t you want to find out what it’s like to be with a man?”

Felicia and Sara’s hearts raced, for they knew they knew that their new appreciation of men was something they would enjoy exploring!