Sunday, January 23, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Realization

Jeff/Jenny and Mike/Maddie learned that they were always meant to be women!

At what point did Jeffrey McCade, 19, and his dad Michael, 44, realize that this was more than just a joke, a ruse, an elaborate prank?

It might be when Mike, former college quarterback and lawyer, lost a bet to his college roommate Pete who dared him and his college son Jeff to pose as his wife and daughter for a alumni charity event. It might have been when Pete’s sister, Leslie, who once dated Mike, worked her magic on the duo, bringing out two delectable blondes out from the formerly men's’ men. It might have been on the trip to the mall, where the newly christened Jennifer and Madeline had a ball trying on cute new clothes, and really bonded as daughter and mom in a way they never did before as guys.

But more likely – it’s after the hormone shots they received began to round out their cute shapes, and filled their dreams with fantasies of letting Pete and Jordan, Jeff’s best bud, seduce the burgeoning T-girls. Leslie sealed their deal by taking Maddie and Jenny to an outrageous bachelorette party where they both got their first taste of cock.

So when Pete and Jordan picked up the McCade gurls for a night on the town, the giggling blondes gave each other a knowing glance. They know understood what every woman knows: if you are proficient at pleasing your man with your tongue, you will control his heart. Looks like they won this bet!

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