Wednesday, January 26, 2011

MOTB: Lifelong Plans

MOTB Tales

Lifelong Plans

DAVID/DEBRA: You’re so gorgeous sweetheart. It’s been my lifelong dream to be the mother of the bride – oh gosh, I’m so happy for both of us!

NICHOLAS/NATALIE: All your life mom? Gee, until two years ago, you were still my dad, and you never had a daughter until I came out to you…

DEBRA: OK, I know this going to sound weird but… when you were just born and your dear departed first mom went back to work, I dressed in her nightgown and held you as if you were a little girl. I was dreaming of being a MOTB. I also pretended to breast feed you (laughs)

NATALIE: Oh my God, that’s hilarious. I wish you had come out to me as my new mom when I tried on cousin Lisa’s bikini that summer at the lake!

DEBRA: Thank God your Aunt Joan put 2 and 2 together and eventually got us both in dresses.

NATALIE: And set us up on those blind dates. (giggle) Well now we’re girls and we love it. And we love those guys of ours, huh? I still can’t believe Mark asked me to marry him. Now when is Alexander going to do the same to you, Mom?

DEBRA: I have a little mother/daughter secret Natalie. Three months ago, while we were walking on the beach, Alex proposed. I said no – and I strongly suggested that he wait until after I catch your bouquet during your reception.

NATALIE: Yay! I’ll make sure I toss it right to you!

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