Tuesday, January 4, 2011

MOTB Tales: Clan Wedding

Clan Wedding
Alistair MacLeod and Angus Stewart were lifelong rivals in sport, in school, in business, and through the pursuits of their sons and grandsons (respectively – Logan and Gavin MacLeod, Malcolm and Cameron Stewart) However, MacLeod’s Consolidated Industries Ltd was overleveraged in bad real estate deals, and Stewart Assets Plc was ready to swoop in.

The elder Stewart and his progeny brought in the McLeod trio to discuss terms. “We could bury ye and run ye out of the Highlands,” old Angus said while rubbing a mysterious crystal.

“But yuir better with than not with us. And thanks to this blessed stone, we can keep ye close by. All three of us will enjoy seeing ye squirm.”

The three MacLeods winced as the crystal glowed, and that glow enveloped their bodies…

A month later, on a grassy knowe adjacent to Loch Kerrin, Cam Stewart and his beautiful bride, Greer, posed for a photo with the groom’s family in the background. Along with Greer, her new mother Lara (wife of Malcolm) and grandmother Aileen (wife of Angus) smiled.

But while the Stewart men thought they had the ultimate revenge on the now defucnt MacLeod clan, it was the new females who had indeed won in the end. Why? They now did not need to kill themselves at work, at sport, or anywhere. They were women of wealth, possessing not only the keys to the fortune, but also the ability to seduce and manipulate their arrogant husbands into giving them anything their Scottish hearts desired…

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