Friday, January 28, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Unbelievable!


This is unbelievable, son!”

“Believe it, dad. The two incredibly sexy women you see in that mirror, are in fact – us – Ed and Kevin Simmons. Father and son – scratch that – mother and daughter!”

“Yeah, it’s amazing what the FBI proposed to do to protect us from retaliation by the mob. Now we new identities as Kaitlyn Stone and her mother Ella. The surgery, the new curves, the new genetalia …”

“That’s the scary part, honey. Between the hormones and the looks I’ve gotten from guys – I‘m starting to have some really interesting thoughts about my sexuality.”

“Me too, and they told us we’d feel this way, Mom. We’re women now – and we have needs. Look let’s jump in head first – the W/P folks have already found us two dates to take us out. Let’s show them a good time!”

“I guess we know a few things about what guys want, right Katie? I agree – and I think once we find some men who know what we want, we’ll be two very happy girls!”


Linda Marie Daniels said...

Nice caption! I love the pictures you used. I've been a Carla fan for a long time.

Annabelle Raven said...

Thanks Linda. She's got an amazing look! Appreciate the support :)