Monday, January 10, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - New Bodies, Old Rivals pt2


The chemical leak had also poisoned the water supply of the Max Ryan, who lived next to Jorge Sanchez, and they had been rivals all their lives. As school boys, they were the best ballplayers. As neighbors, they always tried to outdo each other. Despite their fathers’ disdain for each other, Leo and Scott Ryan were the same age and were friendly throughout school. Max and Scott had simultaneously been affected by the chemicals, and in isolation, they underwent their recovery and development of their new female bodies.

Like Nita and Lisa, the new “Molly” and “Shana” were terrified and revolted by the changes in their bodies and their feelings, but they stood by each other and grew to cherish their mother-daughter closeness. They also wereaware of their new lush figures, and their new status as beautiful blondes. Nobody knew that four of the contestants in the contest were born men – except for the foursome themselves.

After Molly and Shana finished the interview portion of the contest, the Ryans spotted the Sanchezes. Shana and Lisa embraced and giggled like the BFFs they had become. Molly smiled at Nita.

“We’ve been competing for so long, and we were acting like jerks for years,” Molly explained. “Now we have all gone through these changes, and we are now these gorgeous women with lovely daughters. I think it’s time to bury the hatchet, what do you say?”

“I agree,” Nita replied. “Let’s go celebrate our new lives, and take our four sexy selves out to the club. We can show our girls that their mommas can shake what they got better than they can," Nita winked and her longtime rival, now best girlfriend embraced and Lisa and Shana laughed.

That night, every man paused to admire the two sexy coeds and their MILFy moms!

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