Sunday, January 9, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - New Bodies, Old Rivals pt1


It’s been a challenging year for Jorge Sanchez, 44, and his son Leo, 19. The chemical leak that radiated the water in their house sent them both to the hospital with abdominal pains that led to temporary comas. Both pulled thru, but something changed them at a chromosomal level.

Physicians and psychologists worked around the clock to the duo cope with the apparent

sudden feminization of their bodies. But it was the Sanchezes who worked the hardest to help each other through the trauma of their lives being turned upside down.

As father and son, they had already been close, but this tested it like no other. Rarely were they outwardly emotional as guys, but as they saw breasts blossom on their chests, their butts flourish into the tight Latina fashion, and finally the “death” of their male genitalia, they went through many “girlish” feelings. Their new hormones led to cries, screams, and fear – but

“Juanita” and “Lisa” were there for each other, and they were ready to move on as a mom and daughter.

They also began to enjoy what many women do – shopping was fun, and they already were great cooks. They also knew they were attractive to men, and they soon found themselves dating men and checking out guys!

One day they heard about a contest: a cougar-kitten mother-daughter bikini pageant and on whim, they signed up! Nobody knew about their male past, and few female-born contestants looked as sexy as they did. But something wasn’t right.

“Mama?” Lisa asked Nita, who had a scowl on her lovely face.

“Look over there, baby… it’s the Ryan… our old neighbors…”

(to be continued)

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