Friday, January 7, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - The Men From Uranus


Billy Gordon and his son Kyle were two unabashed hardcore rednecks from Georgia. Drinking, racing, and finagling the panties off a pretty girl were their favorite pastimes. That and trying to make a quick buck without a hard day’s work.When they saw that flash of light in the sky over Brown’s mountain, they thought they could take pictures of aliens invading earth.

“I don’t care if they are from Mars, Jupiter, or Uranus, we’re gonna be rich,” boasted Billy as Kyle howled at the crude joke.

But it turns out that the visitors were actually from Earth – 31st century Earth, where medical research allowed for the manipulation of human chromosomes. Turns out that they were pranksters too – and horny.

They captured the father and son and subjected them to a little gender therapy, and then had their way with the new Betty and Kayla. Then they hopped back in their time machine, and left “mother and daughter” in their form. At first they were horrified, but they realized that they were having fun as slutty girls.

And in their trailer park community, they actually could make a decent living with their bodies!

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