Sunday, January 2, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Bitchin' Bash

Bitchin’ New Years Bash
At my dad Rick’s side, we knocked on the door of my uncle’s house.

“Excuse me ladies, I’m looking for my younger brother Don Ryan and his son Jimmy,”
I smiled at the sexy blondes who greeted us at the door.

“Hi Uncle Marc and Adam – it’s us!”,
chirped the babe who was my age.

WTF did she mean US?

“What she meant was that we USED to be Don and Jimmy. But now I’m Denise – and this is my baby girl Jodie” smiled the other lady who handed Dad and I some cocktails.

“Funny … did Don put you girls up to this joke?”
Dad smirked as he drank his cocktail pretty quickly – wow, mine was down the hatch too! Suddenly, I felt very groggy and slumped on the couch next to Dad, who was passing out as well..

“Look Mom, they’re changing!”
was the last thing I heard before zoning out.

I awoke with long black hair in my face… and tits on my chest. Next to me was a lovely sandy blonde haired lady with a great body wearing my Dad’s shirt! We tried to speak but our baritone voices were gone, and our soft girlish tone shocked us more.

“Sorry to spring this on you… SIS… by the way your new name is Monica… and let me introduce you to

new niece and your DAUGHTER…. Alyson!”

“C’mon, cuz… Aunt Monica… let’s get you two cleaned up. We’re on our way to a BITCHIN’ new years’s bash,” laughed Jodie as she and Denise helped us up and back into their bedrooms.

After being dressed in clothes appropriate to our new gender, us four former guys found ourselves on the road to Rascals, a new tavern outside of town. Turns out that Jim had found this strange bottle of spirits 2 years ago, and transformed into Jodie for New Years, and she had such as blast, that she convinced Marc to have a sip and they went out as mom and daughter. Together, they decided to include us.

“By the way girls,” Denise grinned devilishly, “We are all girls now, and Jodie and I plan on dancing with some hot guys.”

“Considering how great we look, sis, I’m sure these guys will expect Ally and I to do MORE than dance with them,” my new mom cooed as she grasped my hand in solidarity.

“Oh yeah! Bring on the hot studs, Aunt Dee!” I squealed as my family and I laughed!

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