Wednesday, January 12, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - A Bet's A Bet


My name’s Tommy and I’m a huge NFL fan and so’s my dad. And we have these two neighbors, Matt Jackson and his dad Joe, They’re obnoxious fuckers, and they insisted that the Giants would win the East. “Put up or shut up,” and my dad promised them $5,000 if our Eagles lost.

Well, guess who won, bitches? And get this – Joe got laid off and neither him nor Matty could pay. Tough shit – my dad’s got a few friends who can make sure these losers pay – hey, a bet’s a bet!

HOLY SHIT! Dad’s associates took those clowns to some sort of house where they changed them into chicks – HOT chicks!

Joe’s now known as Jeannie, and he looks the kind of big titty cougar that Dad likes. I like her too. And that snotty punk Matt is now “Melanie” and she’s got an amazing pair of tits and a cute smile. She even calls Jeannie “Mom” and they giggle and carry on like a couple of broads. Horny broads!

We were flirting in my dad’s house, and the next thing I know, my pants were down and they were….

One sec – dad’s calling me.

Pops! Yeah, really?

Wow! That’s cool, so I got a new stepmom and stepsister huh?

Uh huh. Oh, fuck yea!

Yea I’ll keep “Mom” – your “wife” - occupied until you show up, and then I’ll have “sis” all to myself!

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