Friday, January 28, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Unbelievable!


This is unbelievable, son!”

“Believe it, dad. The two incredibly sexy women you see in that mirror, are in fact – us – Ed and Kevin Simmons. Father and son – scratch that – mother and daughter!”

“Yeah, it’s amazing what the FBI proposed to do to protect us from retaliation by the mob. Now we new identities as Kaitlyn Stone and her mother Ella. The surgery, the new curves, the new genetalia …”

“That’s the scary part, honey. Between the hormones and the looks I’ve gotten from guys – I‘m starting to have some really interesting thoughts about my sexuality.”

“Me too, and they told us we’d feel this way, Mom. We’re women now – and we have needs. Look let’s jump in head first – the W/P folks have already found us two dates to take us out. Let’s show them a good time!”

“I guess we know a few things about what guys want, right Katie? I agree – and I think once we find some men who know what we want, we’ll be two very happy girls!”

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

MOTB: Lifelong Plans

MOTB Tales

Lifelong Plans

DAVID/DEBRA: You’re so gorgeous sweetheart. It’s been my lifelong dream to be the mother of the bride – oh gosh, I’m so happy for both of us!

NICHOLAS/NATALIE: All your life mom? Gee, until two years ago, you were still my dad, and you never had a daughter until I came out to you…

DEBRA: OK, I know this going to sound weird but… when you were just born and your dear departed first mom went back to work, I dressed in her nightgown and held you as if you were a little girl. I was dreaming of being a MOTB. I also pretended to breast feed you (laughs)

NATALIE: Oh my God, that’s hilarious. I wish you had come out to me as my new mom when I tried on cousin Lisa’s bikini that summer at the lake!

DEBRA: Thank God your Aunt Joan put 2 and 2 together and eventually got us both in dresses.

NATALIE: And set us up on those blind dates. (giggle) Well now we’re girls and we love it. And we love those guys of ours, huh? I still can’t believe Mark asked me to marry him. Now when is Alexander going to do the same to you, Mom?

DEBRA: I have a little mother/daughter secret Natalie. Three months ago, while we were walking on the beach, Alex proposed. I said no – and I strongly suggested that he wait until after I catch your bouquet during your reception.

NATALIE: Yay! I’ll make sure I toss it right to you!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Realization

Jeff/Jenny and Mike/Maddie learned that they were always meant to be women!

At what point did Jeffrey McCade, 19, and his dad Michael, 44, realize that this was more than just a joke, a ruse, an elaborate prank?

It might be when Mike, former college quarterback and lawyer, lost a bet to his college roommate Pete who dared him and his college son Jeff to pose as his wife and daughter for a alumni charity event. It might have been when Pete’s sister, Leslie, who once dated Mike, worked her magic on the duo, bringing out two delectable blondes out from the formerly men's’ men. It might have been on the trip to the mall, where the newly christened Jennifer and Madeline had a ball trying on cute new clothes, and really bonded as daughter and mom in a way they never did before as guys.

But more likely – it’s after the hormone shots they received began to round out their cute shapes, and filled their dreams with fantasies of letting Pete and Jordan, Jeff’s best bud, seduce the burgeoning T-girls. Leslie sealed their deal by taking Maddie and Jenny to an outrageous bachelorette party where they both got their first taste of cock.

So when Pete and Jordan picked up the McCade gurls for a night on the town, the giggling blondes gave each other a knowing glance. They know understood what every woman knows: if you are proficient at pleasing your man with your tongue, you will control his heart. Looks like they won this bet!

Monday, January 17, 2011

NEW BLOG - join today!

Hi everyone!

As many of you know, I started in 1996 with a Yahoo group and some vary simple captions. I also wrote some stories along the way. 3 years ago, I started this blog and with over 300 posts and 140+ members, I'm thrilled that so many of you appreciate my work.

I am now transitioning away from Yahoo altogether for simplicity purposes. My new blog is called FAMILY TRADITION: THE ARCHIVE, and any media I have developed that is not here on this blog will be there.

I will be spending much of the next 30+ days posting everything from Yahoo to that group and then shutting down Yahoo. I won't be giving up new postings here although I have hit a creative lag - but I'm sure that will come back :)

You can visit my new blog at Thanks all

Love and kisses,
Annie :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - A Bet's A Bet


My name’s Tommy and I’m a huge NFL fan and so’s my dad. And we have these two neighbors, Matt Jackson and his dad Joe, They’re obnoxious fuckers, and they insisted that the Giants would win the East. “Put up or shut up,” and my dad promised them $5,000 if our Eagles lost.

Well, guess who won, bitches? And get this – Joe got laid off and neither him nor Matty could pay. Tough shit – my dad’s got a few friends who can make sure these losers pay – hey, a bet’s a bet!

HOLY SHIT! Dad’s associates took those clowns to some sort of house where they changed them into chicks – HOT chicks!

Joe’s now known as Jeannie, and he looks the kind of big titty cougar that Dad likes. I like her too. And that snotty punk Matt is now “Melanie” and she’s got an amazing pair of tits and a cute smile. She even calls Jeannie “Mom” and they giggle and carry on like a couple of broads. Horny broads!

We were flirting in my dad’s house, and the next thing I know, my pants were down and they were….

One sec – dad’s calling me.

Pops! Yeah, really?

Wow! That’s cool, so I got a new stepmom and stepsister huh?

Uh huh. Oh, fuck yea!

Yea I’ll keep “Mom” – your “wife” - occupied until you show up, and then I’ll have “sis” all to myself!

Monday, January 10, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - New Bodies, Old Rivals pt2


The chemical leak had also poisoned the water supply of the Max Ryan, who lived next to Jorge Sanchez, and they had been rivals all their lives. As school boys, they were the best ballplayers. As neighbors, they always tried to outdo each other. Despite their fathers’ disdain for each other, Leo and Scott Ryan were the same age and were friendly throughout school. Max and Scott had simultaneously been affected by the chemicals, and in isolation, they underwent their recovery and development of their new female bodies.

Like Nita and Lisa, the new “Molly” and “Shana” were terrified and revolted by the changes in their bodies and their feelings, but they stood by each other and grew to cherish their mother-daughter closeness. They also wereaware of their new lush figures, and their new status as beautiful blondes. Nobody knew that four of the contestants in the contest were born men – except for the foursome themselves.

After Molly and Shana finished the interview portion of the contest, the Ryans spotted the Sanchezes. Shana and Lisa embraced and giggled like the BFFs they had become. Molly smiled at Nita.

“We’ve been competing for so long, and we were acting like jerks for years,” Molly explained. “Now we have all gone through these changes, and we are now these gorgeous women with lovely daughters. I think it’s time to bury the hatchet, what do you say?”

“I agree,” Nita replied. “Let’s go celebrate our new lives, and take our four sexy selves out to the club. We can show our girls that their mommas can shake what they got better than they can," Nita winked and her longtime rival, now best girlfriend embraced and Lisa and Shana laughed.

That night, every man paused to admire the two sexy coeds and their MILFy moms!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - New Bodies, Old Rivals pt1


It’s been a challenging year for Jorge Sanchez, 44, and his son Leo, 19. The chemical leak that radiated the water in their house sent them both to the hospital with abdominal pains that led to temporary comas. Both pulled thru, but something changed them at a chromosomal level.

Physicians and psychologists worked around the clock to the duo cope with the apparent

sudden feminization of their bodies. But it was the Sanchezes who worked the hardest to help each other through the trauma of their lives being turned upside down.

As father and son, they had already been close, but this tested it like no other. Rarely were they outwardly emotional as guys, but as they saw breasts blossom on their chests, their butts flourish into the tight Latina fashion, and finally the “death” of their male genitalia, they went through many “girlish” feelings. Their new hormones led to cries, screams, and fear – but

“Juanita” and “Lisa” were there for each other, and they were ready to move on as a mom and daughter.

They also began to enjoy what many women do – shopping was fun, and they already were great cooks. They also knew they were attractive to men, and they soon found themselves dating men and checking out guys!

One day they heard about a contest: a cougar-kitten mother-daughter bikini pageant and on whim, they signed up! Nobody knew about their male past, and few female-born contestants looked as sexy as they did. But something wasn’t right.

“Mama?” Lisa asked Nita, who had a scowl on her lovely face.

“Look over there, baby… it’s the Ryan… our old neighbors…”

(to be continued)

rt one

Friday, January 7, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - The Men From Uranus


Billy Gordon and his son Kyle were two unabashed hardcore rednecks from Georgia. Drinking, racing, and finagling the panties off a pretty girl were their favorite pastimes. That and trying to make a quick buck without a hard day’s work.When they saw that flash of light in the sky over Brown’s mountain, they thought they could take pictures of aliens invading earth.

“I don’t care if they are from Mars, Jupiter, or Uranus, we’re gonna be rich,” boasted Billy as Kyle howled at the crude joke.

But it turns out that the visitors were actually from Earth – 31st century Earth, where medical research allowed for the manipulation of human chromosomes. Turns out that they were pranksters too – and horny.

They captured the father and son and subjected them to a little gender therapy, and then had their way with the new Betty and Kayla. Then they hopped back in their time machine, and left “mother and daughter” in their form. At first they were horrified, but they realized that they were having fun as slutty girls.

And in their trailer park community, they actually could make a decent living with their bodies!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

MOTB Tales: Clan Wedding

Clan Wedding
Alistair MacLeod and Angus Stewart were lifelong rivals in sport, in school, in business, and through the pursuits of their sons and grandsons (respectively – Logan and Gavin MacLeod, Malcolm and Cameron Stewart) However, MacLeod’s Consolidated Industries Ltd was overleveraged in bad real estate deals, and Stewart Assets Plc was ready to swoop in.

The elder Stewart and his progeny brought in the McLeod trio to discuss terms. “We could bury ye and run ye out of the Highlands,” old Angus said while rubbing a mysterious crystal.

“But yuir better with than not with us. And thanks to this blessed stone, we can keep ye close by. All three of us will enjoy seeing ye squirm.”

The three MacLeods winced as the crystal glowed, and that glow enveloped their bodies…

A month later, on a grassy knowe adjacent to Loch Kerrin, Cam Stewart and his beautiful bride, Greer, posed for a photo with the groom’s family in the background. Along with Greer, her new mother Lara (wife of Malcolm) and grandmother Aileen (wife of Angus) smiled.

But while the Stewart men thought they had the ultimate revenge on the now defucnt MacLeod clan, it was the new females who had indeed won in the end. Why? They now did not need to kill themselves at work, at sport, or anywhere. They were women of wealth, possessing not only the keys to the fortune, but also the ability to seduce and manipulate their arrogant husbands into giving them anything their Scottish hearts desired…

Sunday, January 2, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Bitchin' Bash

Bitchin’ New Years Bash
At my dad Rick’s side, we knocked on the door of my uncle’s house.

“Excuse me ladies, I’m looking for my younger brother Don Ryan and his son Jimmy,”
I smiled at the sexy blondes who greeted us at the door.

“Hi Uncle Marc and Adam – it’s us!”,
chirped the babe who was my age.

WTF did she mean US?

“What she meant was that we USED to be Don and Jimmy. But now I’m Denise – and this is my baby girl Jodie” smiled the other lady who handed Dad and I some cocktails.

“Funny … did Don put you girls up to this joke?”
Dad smirked as he drank his cocktail pretty quickly – wow, mine was down the hatch too! Suddenly, I felt very groggy and slumped on the couch next to Dad, who was passing out as well..

“Look Mom, they’re changing!”
was the last thing I heard before zoning out.

I awoke with long black hair in my face… and tits on my chest. Next to me was a lovely sandy blonde haired lady with a great body wearing my Dad’s shirt! We tried to speak but our baritone voices were gone, and our soft girlish tone shocked us more.

“Sorry to spring this on you… SIS… by the way your new name is Monica… and let me introduce you to

new niece and your DAUGHTER…. Alyson!”

“C’mon, cuz… Aunt Monica… let’s get you two cleaned up. We’re on our way to a BITCHIN’ new years’s bash,” laughed Jodie as she and Denise helped us up and back into their bedrooms.

After being dressed in clothes appropriate to our new gender, us four former guys found ourselves on the road to Rascals, a new tavern outside of town. Turns out that Jim had found this strange bottle of spirits 2 years ago, and transformed into Jodie for New Years, and she had such as blast, that she convinced Marc to have a sip and they went out as mom and daughter. Together, they decided to include us.

“By the way girls,” Denise grinned devilishly, “We are all girls now, and Jodie and I plan on dancing with some hot guys.”

“Considering how great we look, sis, I’m sure these guys will expect Ally and I to do MORE than dance with them,” my new mom cooed as she grasped my hand in solidarity.

“Oh yeah! Bring on the hot studs, Aunt Dee!” I squealed as my family and I laughed!