Saturday, December 11, 2010

MOTB Series: The Dance

MOTB Tales: The Dance

The mother daughter dance is always half laughing, half crying, and all love. 45 year old Rick Mooney and his 20 year old Mark may have seemed unlikely candidates to be glammed up as the stars of this bridal party – But after a devastating car crash that killed Rick’s wife JoAnn, and severely injured the two of them, they took a unique road to recovery.

Deciding to completely “reboot” their sad lives, they paid tribute to Joann's memory by exploring new paths as Roxanne and daughter Melissa. It was JoAnn who often dressed her men in pretty clothes; now they supported each other as mother and daughter.

Five years gone, and Missy confided in Roxy that Glenn made her feel like “a total woman” in his arms and bed. Roxy herself knew how good best friend Jerry had made her feel when she came out to him. The wedding was totally memorable; both the bride and the MOTB looked ravishing as they danced the traditional dance, laughing and crying as they remembered JoAnn…

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