Thursday, December 16, 2010

Madame Jae's - Heroes (official version)


Unleash The Hidden Woman in You…



ALWAYS GET (to be)


Dear TG-ophile: If you have read enough stories or browsed enough captions, you probably have seen this common plot device multiple times: nice guy(s) and innocent bystander(s) witness a capital crime, and they require protection. Law enforcement/shaman/makeup artist with a heart o’gold dresses said innocent(s) in drag – femme dreams realized. Or – plucky undercover cop(s) or whistle-blower(s) get glam, like it, live happily ever after in lingerie and heels.

But the tale of Jeff Stanley, 16, honor student and good kid, and his single dad carpenter Bruce, 37, is different. One wintery day, a car crashed into a icy pond near their house. These ordinary guys dove in and bravely pulled the driver to safety. They insisted on taking the lady back to their house to warm up , and they provided her with a comfy feminine robe.

But the accident victim recognized that the garment they offered was in fact – one they owned and wore. Bruce blushed as he told the stranger about how he and his son both loved the look and feel of women’s clothes, and their guest – the famed Madame Jae – smiled.

“I owe you my life - and I want to extend to you extend to you both a very special opportunity.”

A few weeks later, Bruce and Jeff were amazed as they toured her salon.

“Please – let my staff indulge your whims – it is the least I could do for my heroes - or should I say my heroines?”

Hours later, newly femmed teen princess Jodi met her stylish n’ sexy mother Bonnie, and vice versa.

“You’re beautiful!” they gasped as they embraced for the first time as gorgeous blondes.

“My dears, wait until the men of the J-Club see you both and you see them. Trust me, you’ll enjoy it.”

And like so many other new mothers and daughters, they loved the attention!

Weeks later, you could find our “heroines” in the arms of their boyfriends, glowing as women in love do. A lifetime membership to Madame Jae’s was their reward for “doing the right thing.” Bonnie & Jodi were closer than ever – they were swept off their feet by two hunks – and the ultimate M2F makeovers! They saved a life – and now, their lives would never be the same!

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