Sunday, December 12, 2010

Annie's Update

Greetings! A few things going on here...

1) On my legacy Yahoo! group (click here) I just updated my Family Fiction Link Database (here) - mostly to update many of the Storysite links (since it is in disrepair, many of the stories in the storysitetwo domain were now broken, and by removing the three letters "two", that immediately fixed them) Great authors such as Karen Elizabeth L, Gingerfred Man, and more are represented there, and some new stuff, including an awesome story by Lauran called "Son" (here) that I feel is the best story I ever saw on Big Closet. :)

2) I have begun posting some of my "transformation" caps on Transformation Media (here) - by TF, the moderator TF guy wants to see some sort of bodily transformation - which I see as mostly magic or body alteration. True CD'ing does not work. I think it could help bring some new blood here as well. Thanks at all there who have given me kudos for the work.

3) I am thinking of moving towards more "adult" caps and content, and I am thinking of either using this blog, or a new blog, or making this the home of the adult content and moving ther "sweeter" stuff to a new blog. I may have a poll on this.

Thanks All

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