Thursday, December 23, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Tranquility

Doris Powell’s dying wish for her beloved Virgil (32 years of marriage), Jeffrey (Mom’s baby boy, now a stock broker) and Andrew (her only grandchild) was for there to remain a “woman’s touch” in their lives. Jeff’s ex-wife was not to be found, and it was Doris who was the glue in their lives. We’re not sure if Doris knew this at first, but some benevolent spirits heard her wishes and placed a little of her spirit – her prowess in the kitchen, her flair for design, and her nurturing nature – in all three Powell fellows.

But the spirits also placed her feminine charms – the bright ginger locks, the ice melting smile, and the lithe but curvy figure, inside each guy – well, the guys that they used to be! Down deep, they do recall their lives as guys’ guys, but they are now very happy as mom, daughter, and granddaughter.

They love hanging out at the beach where Doris and Virg met all those years ago. Vicki watches with pride as young Ali blossoms into womanhood, and she also loves sunning herself next to Jen while they compare observations about which guys look the most tan n buff. After a year of pain there is finally peace and tranquility.

Somewhere on high, Doris is smiling – actually giggling at thought of her transformed husband wearing a one piece with ample cleavage!

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