Saturday, December 18, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Stallion Spirit

Stallion Spirit

“Mom! Guess what !” chirped Danny Olson as he greeted his dad Mike with an great big hug. “I made head cheerleader!!!”

“I’m so proud of you Donna!” cooed Mike. “Now, you understand that you have quite a bit of responsibility, don’t you?”

“Of course – and it means more than just having to stay in girl mode 24/7!” Donna smiled. “I’m really enjoying being Coach Wilson’s shemale fantasy girl. I’m actually starting to real love the taste of his cock. Say Mom, why are you dressed like you’re a member of my squad?”

“Honey – don’t forget that with your commitment to being Donna meant I have the responsibility of being the team mom, Monica!” she grinned devilishly. “And that means that both of us have to serve not only Coach, but the entire Stallion football team!"

Monica sat down net to her new daughter as they awaited the team’s arrival

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