Wednesday, December 8, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Mum's The Word #2



As usual, the Petty twins– Lily and Lucy – drew plenty of attention in Brisbane. Usually red blooded Aussie males – but this time, a lovely lady was

spying on them!

A proud Sarah Petty gazed on her lovely daughters and was pleased see them so comfortable in such tiny bikinis.

We get so much more sunshine Down Under than we ever did in Liverpool, the transformed dad thought as she stretched out in her own flimsy two piece.

The trio of t-lasses were now happy and content to have made a home in Oz – the twins even now had girlish Aussie accents (Mum still had her Scouser brogue and still preferred to support her beloved Reds than the local Australian rules “footy”) and between Sarah’s new job as a department store buyer and the girls’ new school, they had plenty of new friends. But the Pettys were closest to each other- their new gender identity demanded that they look out for each other.

One night, Lily and Lucy came home with makeup smeared, and they walked a little funny. Sarah instantly knew that her babies had given their first taste of being a man’s woman. The girls confided in their Mum about what they loved about being girls, and what dreams they had. Through hugs and tears over tea, the teen she-males now felt sure of themselves enough to lure and seduce guys on their own.

But Sarah still watched from afar, as the twins flirted with a couple of buff blokes in trunks – that is until, Jack (Sarah’s store manager and the handsome man she met weeks ago at the club) grabbed his girlfriend and took her to the bedroom for some more amazing sex!

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