Sunday, December 5, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Mum's The Word #1


“Lily, Lucy, I’m going to get myself some wine and sit down for a spell. I know you’re going to want to “check out” some of the blokes here. Just be careful, alright?

“No worries, Mum. I’m the big sister so I’ll watch out for both of us!”, chirped Lucille Petty.

“Older by three minutes, you ninny,” giggled her twin Lillian , as she leaned in to give Sarah Petty a peck on the cheek, “Love you mum!”

The 41 year old blonde glowed at the sound of MUM. I’m so blessed to be their mother, Sarah thought as she watched her 18 year old daughters strut their stuff onto the disco floor.

Sure enough, both of the teen darlings had lured some university lads into their gyrations. Sarah momentarily was concerned; when the authorities recommended that the family depart the UK for their own concerns, they also underwent a radical identity revamp.

Those boys are dancing so close, they might discover what’s left of Lewis and Leonard poking through those mini-dresses, mused Sarah. Then again – they might enjoy that - and Sarah’s mind drifted off to a scenario where the two would be Casanovas seduced her former sons, discovering them to be two teen tranny tarts.

This produced a rise in Sarah’s silky panties. I guess I’d be careful – or else old Stephen will ruin my disguise.

Sarah had followed her daughters through all of the hormones and therapy and nobody knew that the Pommy family who just moved to Brisbane were born father and son, and that Steve and his boys had witnessed a grusome mob hit. They did everything but the suggested castration – what was left of their male pride now had to hidden carefully.

Just then, a charming Aussie gentleman sat down next to Sarah and offered to buy her another glass of Penfolds blush. Looks like MUM may lose track of her daughters, as she may find herself seduced right out of her “meat filled” knickers!

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