Monday, December 20, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Girl Week (shouldn't this be EVERY week?)


10 years ago, Tom Bradshaw found this unique conch shell that reminded him of a woman’s vagina. How ironic that it was apparent a magical shell, and Tom turned into a sexy nympho named Trish for a week – and Trish had an unforgettable week of partying with cute guys and throwing all inhibitions in the wind.

The next year, Tom and his then 8 year old son Shaun were invited to his cousin’s beach condo; Unknown to Tom, Shaun had packed the conch in their luggage. A few days later, Trish reappeared.

Also, his cousins, their sons, and some of their buddies also turned into girls. Shaun also morphed into Trish’s cutie pie daughter Shana. They had so much fun, “Girl Week” became a standing vacation, as the truck drivers, mechanics, and school age studs all donned teeny bikinis and enjoyed making the lifeguards hard!

Now 18, Shana and her 40 year old “mom” are looking to reignite their summer flings with the guys they hooked up with over the past few Girl Weeks – just watch out, girls! If your studs get you’ll pregnant, you’ll remain female forever.

Oh – that’s your plan all along eh? You naughty little wenches you!

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