Wednesday, December 29, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Before and After


The Ying family agreed to a complete sex change – and their attitudes changed as well!

“HOW HUMILIATING!” thought George Ying (44) as he and his sons Peter (19) and Roger (18) sat while their new long, soft hair was being styled by Pierre and his salon staff. Roger was always trying to win contests on the radio, even if it didn’t make sense – three free sex change operations, complete with hormone shots, full makeovers, and complete feminine warddrobe – and $50,000 cash to spend while in drag.

His dad and brother wanted to kill him, but they were always eyed that cash prize and thought – what the heck?

By signing the prize contract, the trio were committed to spending 30 days in femme garb and femme bodies – supposedly the surgery was reversable and they could go back to being guys!

But for now, they looked like three Asian princesses in their flowing gowns, perfect makeup, and lithe but curvy bodies…

30 days later – the Yings were out of their ball gown but were rocking three awfully cute sundresses. And they were smiling – and they had that glow that happy women had. The contest period was very eye opening for George, Peter, and Roger – make that Gabrielle, Paige, and Rianne!

As father and sons, they were never able bond nearly as well as when they set up for a day at the mall and the salon as two gorgeous college age sisters and their dear beautiful mother. The trio kept the flowing gowns but also added the sundresses, some cute LBD, even bikinis and some racy lingerie.

One Saturday night Paige and Ri went out with two classmates and the next day they shared with Gabi the fun of flirting with guys – and the incredible power of the female orgasm. The next week, they took Mom out, and she found a hunky lawyer who rocked her world.

With the end of the contest approaching, the Ying girls had a romantic triple date with their new boyfriends – and thanks to Gabi’s guy, he’ll be paying the bill for them to keep the wardrobes and remain their sexy girls!

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