Sunday, November 7, 2010

TGT: Oceanside "actresses" win awards


TGT Network

\and the producers of OCEANSIDE 92049\

would like to congratulate our stars

Anton “Amanda” Campbell

Better known as “Mary Wyatt


Christian “Christina” Campbell

Better known as “Jenny Wyatt”

For receiving the Family Gender Project

Mother/Daughter Heroines of 2010

For not only their wonderfully positive portrayal of a T-girl family on our show, but also in their real-life approach to their own gender identity .

In the pictures to your left, Mandy and Christy attended the awards, and as usual, stole every heart in the building with their beauty and grace.

Shortly after the awards show, mom and daughter jumped into the limo with their lucky dates and it was announced a few days later that they had eloped with their boyfriends in Maui. Pictures taken of the girls are below – what a great Hollywood success story!


Mandy and Christy (AKA Mary and Jenny)!

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