Friday, November 5, 2010

MOTB Tales: The Wedding Crashers

MOTB Tales: Wedding Guests

The Gilden-Peterson wedding was the social event of the year. J. Timothy Peterson was the President of Southwest National Bank and Tiffany Gilden was a society grand dame of the first order. The bride was beautiful, bodacious and a world class bitch.

The guest list was combed over and only the richest and prettiest were even considered. Two

of Peterson’s country club buddies brought dates that were new to the society experience. Sheila was

46, with lovely brunette locks and looked very shapely in her green gown; she was the date of

SNB’s majority shareholder, Waldo Rollins.

Rollins’s physician, Dr. Marc Noah, was escorted by the comely Christina, 20, who

shared Sheila’s delicate features and sexy shape. Not surprising - Christina and Sheila

shared more than their heart-stopping goodlooks and curvy figures.

Five year ago, single father Scott Bredlow was a boring accountant with a sensitive teenage son named Cliff. Scottwas shocked when Cliff one day announced that he – she – was a girl deep down where it

counted. Cliff, now Christina, flourished as she assimilated the wardrobe that her mother had

left behind when she disappeared suddenly. Her talent for makeup and “stuffing” her

brassiere made her look quite authentic.

Scott thought it was a phase until Christina’s 18th birthday when she was deflowered by T-girl loving boyfriend. Scott peered through the crack in the door as Christina worked her man’s cock. Scott had an epiphany and shared it with his daughter, who reasoned that her father longed to also be a woman, and her mother. Thus Sheila Bredlow was born, and she soon learned the joy of being penetrated, and of the female orgasm.

At the reception, Tiffany Gilden-Peterson was aware of the mysterious, gorgeous duo. When they approached her three hours into the reception, the bride was inebriated enough to strike up a conversation. Their goal prior to the wedding was to expose their identity as the family she left behind to pursue her society climbing.

But they didn’t have the heart to be the bitches that she had been to them. Besides, what would they gain from this? They finally were out of her life – they had blossomed as females – they were closer as mother and daughter then at any time in their lives – and they had men in their lives with big wallets and even bigger dicks. Sheila and Christina left their big secrets lay tucked inside their naughty lingerie.

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