Friday, November 12, 2010

Madame Jae's - GROWING UP MERMAIDS: Garcia

Growing up as MERMAIDS: tHE gARCIAS

Estella: Ay la chingada! ! Seeing all six of us looking so sexy and stacked, I knew that I was right in introducing my son – make that DAUGHTER – to Madame Jae’s. And I’m so thrilled that our best friends are now our girlfriends! That was $1000 VERY well spent!

Vonda: You’re so smart – and so pretty, Mom! We don’t have to hide our love of pretty clothes and now – we can be female all the time!

Estella: And I know that after the Halloween party, your “aunts” Melissa and Gloria know what I have known for years; the only thing better than being a MJ’s gurl – is finding a man and making him yours!

Vonda: Oh Mama, now that Jasmine, Torri, and I are 18… we want to explore our desires! We see you three out with handsome studs – now we want guys of our own!

Estella: Yes baby… it’s time that we mommies show you how to handle all of the guys who want to be with you! That’s why I’ve hired this stretch limo. It’s party night and we Garcia gurls are having a night on the town.

Vonda: OMG I’m so excited! What’s the plan, Mom?

Estella: Well , we’ll be picking up Dr. Rodrigo Cruz, who I met through the J-Club and he’s bringing his son Danny home from college. Turns out Rod and Danny both share a love of hot n’ horny and curvy Hispanic shemales!

Vonda: Mmmm… Danny looks dreamy – but his dad is so handsome! Can we seduce them both together, Mom?
Estella: (Laughs) Baby, we might not make it to dinner; we might have some “chorizo ” in the limo! ;)

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