Sunday, November 14, 2010

Madame Jae's - GROWING UP MERMAIDS: Winslow

Torri: OK, I’m ready to go! Oooh MAMA! That dress and those shoes are SOOOO hot!!

Gloria: Thank you baby – and look at you, Miss Thing! (Pats Torri on her butt) Booty call! Torri, you look so fine – I’m so proud of you girl!

Torri: Well, I’m just showing the world what the Good Lord gave me: your genes, mixed with the magic of Madame Jae’s, and this fierce dress!

Gloria: Oh my gosh – I can’t believe how much easy it’s been to live and act like a woman – and your mother! And to do it alongside my girls! Stel, Missy, and Glo! And of course, we are so proud of our little Mermaids!

Torri: I know – I thought we were close as bros, but I know that Von and Jassy and I have an unbreakable bond, and after going with you and my “aunties” to the MJ Caribbean Resort, we’re all family now.

Gloria: It’s funny that you mention the vacation , Torri. I know you know this but – but on that trip, it’s when Melissa and I both – err – “found” our feminine spirit. We both took that step with our J-Club partners.

Torri: I know, Momma, and you’ve never looked back. And now all three mothers are helping their daughters embrace their sexuality. And I can’t wait to see what you have planned for us tonight. Going to a club?
Gloria: Not just any club, baby – now that you are 18, I say you’re ready to join me at Chipper Jae’s dance club. I’ve booked us a private table.

Torri: I’ve heard about this place – dozens of fine men dancing in – and out of – some fun costumes! Now I know why my purse is full of $1 bills.

Gloria: Oh Torri, you and I will have some of the finest – err “talent” up close and personal, performing for us. Maybe even some lap dances!

Torri: Oh. My. God. Mama, please, if I find a particularly “talented” hunk, can we take him home? Please? We can share him, if you’d like!

Gloria: Hey! Who says we can’t each take a dancer home? One for Mom, and one for my daughter!

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