Sunday, November 14, 2010

Madame Jae's - GROWING UP MERMAIDS: McGraw

Growing up as MERMAIDS: tHE McGRAWS

Melissa: You know, sweetie, I always wondered what women talked about in the powder room. Now here we are having a mother-daughter heart to heart.

Jasmine: Me too, Mom! It’s been wonderful to see both us and our BFFs looking so pretty – but I LOVE the way we’ve opened up to each other as girls! I love you so much Mommy!

Melissa: And I love you, my darling Jassy! And I am so PROUD – as your newly christened mother (giggle) to see you looking so pretty and SO so happy on Kevin’s arm!

Jasmine: Yea, he’s pretty cute isn’t he – but then again, you look so great on the arm of our neighbor, Mr. Steve.

Melissa: I know, who knew that he was a J-Club Gold Level member? He is pretty cute – hey, don’t try and steal my man, you little hussy! (giggle)

Jasmine: MOM! (laughs) I won’t steal your boyfriend, if you promise to keep your seductive little hands off MY Kevvy!

Melissa: Deal! Ha! – now seriously, Jasmine – let’s talk about tonight when you come back to our suite.
I’m pretty sure that I won’t be sleeping alone tonight. The door to my room will be closed, and it’s OK if you Kevin decide to spend the night together – obviously please keep your door shut.

Jasmine: Sure Mom. Oh gosh, I’m shaking at the thought – of me and Kev

Melissa: Oh honey (hugs Jasmine) Trust me - it’s going to be WONDERFUL, and I can’t wait until we have a little girls-only chat at breakfast tomorrow!
Jasmine: (Laughs) I know! From one “woman” to aother – we’ll have quite a story to tell each other!

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