Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just Between Us Girls - Hailey's Destiny pt 2

Hailey’s Destiny
A continuation of Just Between Us Girls

“I’m not really a girl? Mom? Grandma Frannie? Am I… really… a BOY?” Hailey whimpered as tears began to run down her face. Fran’s motherly instinct took over.

“Baby – no, of course you’re really a beautiful girl. Look, think of all the things you love… pretty dresses… shoes… going to the store with Mom and Gram… everything pink… Justin Bieber…” Hailey nodded as Frannie held her, giggling at the last comment.

“Hailey – we knew when you were born, despite the birth defect, that you were 100% a pretty little girl – just like my mommy knew that I was a pretty girl too,” Emmy added, also tearing up. “And thanks to her making me a girl – I was able to give birth to you ten years ago – the greatest day of my life was holding you in my arms as your mother.”

Fran wiped away a tear and continued, “Hailey – I wish I could have held my baby in my arms as she held you as a newborn. But the wonderful technology wasn’t what it was in our day. I had live life as a man, and as father of a boy – your mom. We didn’t know that we were women inside until we visited Tiresias Clinics. Without them, we would never have bonded like we have, we would not have met your grandfather and your dad. We would not have fallen in love with them – and them with us. I cannot think I could ever be happier than as a wife, a mother, and of course, as a grandmother.”

“Wow. So you two could have been my granddad and dad. Now I don’t feel so much like a freak. I had read on the Internet about girls who had my ‘birth defect.’”

Emily took her daughter’s hands and spoke. “Honey – being a girl isn’t above whether you have a penis or a vagina It’s about who you are inside. Now the doctors will do more than ‘cut it off.’ You’ll go on hormonal therapy which will develop your body just as any girl does when she reaches your age. Your butt will become rounder and fuller, your breasts will grow, and you’ll have a woman’s curves like we have.”

“You might have a cute, slinky shape like your Mom,” Frannie cooed while patting Emmy’s butt playfully, “or maybe you’ll have a little more junk in the trunk like your grandmother – and a pair like these!” as she gestured to her décolletage. “Or maybe something in between.”

A now laughing Hailey “bounced” the bottom of Fran’s left breast in her hand. “I wonder how long it would take for me to grow boobies this big. I’d love to walk on South Beach with big breasts, wearing a tiny bikinis and having all the boys whistle and run up and ask me for my digits!”

Emily and Francesca looked at each, mouth agape, at the proclamation of their would-be sex kitten. Was Emily right – was little Hailey growing up way too fast?

“Hailey, let’s talk a little more about the changes in your body, and how boys – and men – might react to your changes.”

A few hours later…

“So THAT’s why you were making excuses about all these years,” Hailey grinned as her elders confessed about their past. “Is this why the society ladies like to…”

“Hailey – pardon my French, but we don’t give a fuck about what other people say about our family,” Fran said. “What your mom and I care about is you, each other, and our husbands. End of story.”

“And to be fair to your dad and granddad,” Emmy added, “they have been wonderful to both of us. They work so hard and travel so much. It’s not an excuse but your Grams and I – we have needs – sexual needs – and that’s, uh…”

“Honestly – sweetie – we have acted like the whores that we have the reputation for being. And – it’s not right – it’s not fair to our husbands – and it’s not the right message we need to send to you as you grow as a young woman. You deserve better role models then we have been.”

Aww, Grandma, you have always been a great role model – both of you,” Hailey said. “But are you saying that having sex is… too dirty…”

“My dear daughter – sex – with the right man – is the most incredible feeling. We both love the feeling of being the object of a man’s desires – of acting out our own desires – and of cuddling afterward. It’s also a great feeling of power over a someone who physically bigger and stronger than you. You feel like the goddess that you are (giggle). But you have so much to learn, to experience as a teen girl. It’s time your Grandma and I stop acting like sluts and start acting like mothers. We can’t wait for you to experience having a crush, puppy love, a first date, a first kiss…”

Fran bear hugged both her babies, “And we want to experience these special moments alongside you. We have handsome husbands who make us scream in delight. And you’ll one day have a guy who do the same for you, angel!”

Hailey gave both her role models a muffled “I love you!”

Two months later, a post-operative Hailey made her “debut” at the Palm Society Autumn social. Nobody outside the immediate family knew about the change. Frannie and Emily watched their “protégé” work the room, noting her interaction with some boys.

“Oh look at her , she’s got him wrapped around her little finger. Work it girl! Love that hair twirl. Now that, my dear, is SEXY…”

Hehe – oh she’s in her element. You know how excited she was to see those bumps on her chest. And those legs! (pause) Mom?”

Fran smile, and grabbed her daughter’s hand. “She’s going to be alright, Emmy. Trust me – you turned out just fine; we both did!”

“We sure did,” Emmy confirmed as she caught the eye of her daughter who had just finished chatting with a “hunky” blonde boy. Hailey blew her mom a kiss and Emily mouthed a “love you” to her child.

Then Frannie, subtle as always, nudged Emily. “Look at those two hot as FUCK studs over at table 2,” Frannie whispered.

“Those would be our wonderful husbands, mother dear,” Emily cooed.

“You know,” Frannie continued, “ever since we decided to be somewhat more monogamous, Victor has incredible in bed.”

“I could same the same about my John, Mom.” Then Emily had a epiphany. “You know… maybe once in a while, we could share a pool boy… maybe on my next birthday?”

Fran looked at Emily with a sly smile, and whispered “You’re so bad, Emmy – I worry that you’ll be as bad an influence on my dear granddaughter as I was to you. Next thing you know – Hailey will want her OWN pool boy!”

“MOTHER! SHE’s 10!” Emily hissed through gritted teeth.

Frannie laughed heartily and hugged her beloved daughter. The next decade would prove to be very interesting for Francesca, Emily, Hailey, and the men in their lives!

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