Sunday, November 21, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - She's A Natural (Just Like Mom!)

She’s A Natural!

Karen Cho (45): Look, my darling daughter – it’s your best friend Brian, and your stepdad Joe. Look at how their eyes lit up when they saw us. It’s fun being a beautiful girl and having a handsome guy notice, huh?

Wendi Cho (20): I can’t believe this. I’m actually going out with another guy, especially Will. This is crazy!

Karen: Wendi – face facts, honey - you’re not a guy, at least you don’t look like a guy. You look like my pretty daughter. You’re a girl going out with her mom on a double date!

Wendi: Do… do you think I really look like a real girl? Won’t people at the restaurant know that I wasn’t born…

Karen: The only people who will have a clue will be the four of us at the table. Sweetie – I went through the same thing when I transitioned five years ago from Keith to Karen. You know after my divorce, I dressed more and more and decided to have the SRS, I felt so self conscious! But thanks to my counselors, the rest of our family, and especially you as my child, I grew in confidence. So when I met Joe…

Wendi: Mom, he didn’t have a chance. You have had him wrapped around your little finger since your very first date! I’m feeling inspired because you are such a beautiful and happy woman – maybe I’m a little jealous of what you and Dad have.

Karen: Yea but it took me 4 decades to become the real me. Look, I love you – whether you want to be Will or Wendi – but I have to admit, after two weeks, I’m just giddy of being a mother to such a sweet and cute girl like you are. I hope you decide to stay in “girl mode” It suits your personality, and you look gorgeous!

Wendi: I have loved being a girl right along side you Mom! And now we’re going out with Dad and Brian. I wonder what it would be like to be his girlfriend.

Karen: Wendi, you’re so young and you have so much to learn. Spend some time letting him woo you. I loved it when Joe pursued me – almost as much as being caught! (giggle) I love being his woman, and I think you could be so happy loving Brian. Now let’s go welcome our men…

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