Thursday, November 25, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Redheads

Redheads ALWAYS Get What They Want!

The longest year in the life of the Flynn family was finally over. James Flynn (48) lost his beloved Anne Marie – the loveliest Irish auburn rose you ever saw – to the devil cancer last Christmas. James and his boys Collin (21) and Michael (19) were inconsolable because not only was she their beloved wife and mother – she was the creator and director of their alter egos.

Anne Marie’s heart was won when in grade school, James put on a clown red wig and stuffed his shirt as Jackieand the dress up games continued over 2 plus decades of courtship and wedded bliss.

One day, the boys caught Jackie and their mom being kissed at the door by their “boyfriends.” So the cat was out of the bag – but that wasn’t the end of the story. The brothers wanted a cool costume for the Halloween junior high dance, and Jackie has some extra ginger wigs – and Collin became Chrissie AKA “Pippi Longstocking” while the always petit Michael became MaryAKA “Jessica Rabbit.”

Nerdy Collin came out of his shell in drag, while Michael dreamt at night of waking up to 36DD tits. When Anne Marie left them, she left behind a large life insurance policy, and the lonesome trio decided to revamp their lives.

At the chic night club, a now sex bomb-tastic Marisa provocatively posed for the benefits of every man at the room. Her gorgeous older sister Christina had an 800 watt smile and was shapely in her own right. They lovingly flanked the father they now called “Mommy” – the voluptuous Jacqueline was eying suitable targets for her and her daughters.

That night, the pain of months of plastic surgery and hormones was worth it, and these three redheaded shemale-devils got their just desserts…

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