Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Queen of Harts

The Little Queen of Harts

4 year old Clayton Hart always wondered why his dad George and his granddad Harold liked to put on pretty dresses and pretend to be girls. He thought they were silly!

But they had something special planned for Clay’s fifth birthday.

Lots of nice gifts – stockings, panties, dresses, Mary Jane shoes, and even a pretty tiara that fit so nicely over a cute blonde bob.

The suddenly adorable little girl ran around the house waving her wand with the heart attached and proclaimed, “My name is CELESTE, and I am the QUEEN of HEARTS!”

Celeste’s “grandma” HELENA smiled at her pride and joy and asked, “If she’s the queen – what does that make us?”

Helena’s “daughter” GINA also grinned, picked up her baby girl, and said, “Mom, if Celeste is the Queen of Harts, I guess we’re fairy princesses!”

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