Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Paraise Achieved


The stunning young brunette formerly known as Kyle Rivers stood naked next to the two people she loved more than anyone: her kind father George and her kid brother Craig. Like Kyle, George and Craig were now genetically female, and amazed how a dip along the white sandy beach had altered their bodies. The change was now resonating in their minds and souls.

“Why?” they asked. Kyle smiled and began to recount the days since he ran away from home at age 17, feeling that he was shaming his family for wanting to be a woman. His Dad (46 at the time) searched high and low and even hired a detective agency, and his 15 year old brother prayed to God that Kyle would be safe – and happy.

“I was ready to give it all up – ready to jump off a bridge or a cliff. I signed up with a cruise ship line as a waiter. I waited for the right transoceanic liner and jumped off one night, assuming I would tire and drown. But a whale carried by tired body to this island paradise. Senor R, an older man, who apparently owned the island seemed to be able to read my minds and my feminine soul. He said a dip in this special lagoon would ‘cure’ me of my issues. He was right, in that it cured me of the curse of being born male. It was a miracle of paradise.

I was finally the woman I was meant to be – Kaitlin Rivers. I was given a new wardrobe, identity, and allowed to stay on the island indefinitely to adapt to my new bodies and its female desires. That included finding a lover who showed me that as a woman, I could reach new levels of pleasure unattainable as a male.”

“But I still felt a void. Senor R said that if I shared my good fortune with those I love, it would bring me total peace. Which is why Senor R brought you both to the island. He said he felt the same distress in both of you that he saw in me. That we are three of a kind - three beautiful feminine souls!"

“Oh how I missed you both so much! Mom, you are so gorgeous, and baby sis, you are a redheaded wet dream. We can be together again, and we can dish about which guys wants us and who want to take to bed. We can shop and travel together and have the time of our lives. What do you say, ladies?”

Knowing that she spoke the truth, Kaitlin’s new little sister Colleen and new mother Gretchen accepted their new femininity , and the family was whole again. Within days, all three of them had lovers and they loved their new lives together.

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