Wednesday, November 3, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - The Lifeguard


Starring Anna, Jessica, and Pablo

Adrian Deleon was cocky and assure, but he was a good man with a beautiful wife, and he was proud to be John’s father. His career at the DEA was taking off, but one of the drug kingpins he busted had his goons firebomb the family’s Los Angeles home, killing Maria, and severely burning and mutilating the bodies of Adrian and John. Both father and son suffered several shrapnel wounds that required castration to save their lives.

The macho Adrian was devastated not only at the loss of his wife, but at the psychological and physical damage to both the 30 year old and his 11 year old boy.

Adrian’s best friend and best man at his wedding, Pablo Cisneros, was getting ready to leave the DEA to follow a lifelong dream of being a Huntington Beach lifeguard, but he was extremely concerned for his friend – plus he was John’s godfather.

The head of the Witness Protection Program came to Pablo with a crazy offer. They could take the emasculated Deleons and turn them both into fully functional females, and Pablo could pose as Adrian’s “husband.” Pablo had long hidden his sexual preferences from all except Adrian, so he felt comfortable doing so, but wasn’t sure how his buddy would react.

2 months later, Pablo “met” the newly christened Anna on a date. The DEA had given her hormonal treatment and taught her how to dress, walk, and even talk like a woman. After a walk along the beach, sparks flew, and Pablo took Anna in his arms and gave his best friend the kind of kiss women dream of from a Latin hunk like Pablo.

They drove over to Anna’s new house where her “daughter” Jessica greeted her “mom” and soon to be stepdad with a big hug. That night, Pablo made love to his sexy fiancee.

The next day, the new family hit the beach for some fun. Both girls looked gorgeous with their pretty hair, soft skin, and cute bikinis!

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