Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - The GIRLS are taking over!

“The Girls” Are Taking Over

Ron Summers grew up an All-American Boy in every way. He played baseball while in school. He pledged a fraternity in college. He worked two jobs to support his wife and his newborn son Dustin. Sadly, his bride died in a plane crash – but the money he and Dustin won in a settlement would allow them to live without financial worry for the rest of their lives. They invested well, and bought a beautiful home.

Ron was a devoted dad who watched his son grow up to enjoy the kind of idyllic life that he had as a boy. Dustin is now a senior in college, and soon will be joining Ron in running the IT firm that his dad founded with his portion of the settlement.

So why the hell are father and son dressed up like two beautiful women out on the town???

Well, it really doesn’t take a lot to run an IT company, thus Ron has been home a lot, and he really didn’t get back into the whole dating scene. He began surfing the web in his down time, and came across several websites devoted to cross-dressing and the transgender lifestyle.

He still had his wife’s old wardrobe, and Ron was sort of small so he tried some panties on, and an obsession as born while Dustin was off at school. Ron went online as his new self – “Rita” – and Rita began to make several purchases through some discreet online merchants.

On summer break , Dustin discovered Ron as Rita – and to Rita’s shock, Dustin asked if he could try it. “Daisy” really enjoyed spending hours with her “mom” trying on clothes and makeup. Together, they made connections through the net, and they agreed to meet some nice fellows.

Fueled by some cocktails, Rita and Daisy giggled as they greeted their dates who escorted them to a wonderful dinner and a night of dancing. Barry and Shawn both loved sexy t-gurls, and they seduced Rita and Daisy.

Mom and daughter later confided in each other that enjoyed being ravaged by their men, and they pledged that night that “The Girls” (as Ron and Dustin called their second selves) had taken over and wouldn’t ever go back to being guys!

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