Thursday, November 11, 2010

ANNIE'S CAPS - Get Used To It, Girl!


Everyone who knew Sudesh Ramakan knew that he much too womanly to Ever be a real man, He dreamed that he was really Shanta, a Desi beauty who the most beautiful woman in all of Bollywood. But Sudesh went along with his family as they Married him off to a shrewish puthani who bore him a son, Aakash. By the age of 10, the boy seemed to be as

feminine as his father had been at that age.

That all changed as Mahit Pradesh, who grew up secretly in love with the too-pretty Sudesh, offered his crush all of the resources needed to suppress his maleness and awaken Shanta to her full womanly body. Disgusted that her husband was willing to surrender his manhood, Shanta found herself in the new role of mother to Aakash – make that Anandi, who happily accepted the changes that they both underwent.

“My dearest, get used to being beautiful,” Shanta whispered to her daughter. Soon both ladies would make their Bollywood debuts, and millions of men across Asia would worship them both.

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