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300TH Post Special: HAILEY'S DESTINY part 1

Hailey’s Destiny
A continuation of Just Between Us Girls

ANNIE SEZ: The characters Frannie and Emily were introduced in the orginal posting - and I have now added text to the original as well - check it out if you want to learn how this mom and daughter came to be.
Ten year old Hailey Lindell believes the world revolves around her – and to an extent, it does. She wants for nothing – Daddy and Gramps are billionaires, and they dote on her, her mom Emily, and Grandma Francesca. Hailey often follows Emmy and Frannie on their constant visits to the salon, the malls, the boutiques, and all of fabulous parties.

Hailey’s developed her own sense of style and glamour from being her elders’ “Mini Me” and in their jet set social scene, the blossoming pre-teen is coming into her own.

However, some snooty people have privately castigated Emmy and Frannie – who they already believe are hedonistic tramps who dress provocatively and are sleeping around on their husbands – as poor role models for the child. At age 59, Fran has no interest in being a dowdy “granny – and she often flaunts her bodacious bosom.

While not as endowed as her mother, Emily has the model perfect body that any 30-something mom would die for. And while it’s true that Emmy and Frannie are often sampling the wares of the pool boys, personal trainers, and the occasional auto mechanic – they are careful to shield little Hailey from the sordid goings-on.

One time, Em had to make up a fib to explain why there were two naked men in Gram’s Jacuzzi, and Fran to console a crying 5-year old that Mommy’s screams were NOT because she hurt herself.

But by age 10, Hailey had a simple concept: I’m a girl just like Mommy and Grams. They love boys and boys love them – so boys love me – and I LOVE attention from boys! And while Hailey’s female ego was now entrenched, her role models were busy preparing to help her reach full feminine potential…

“Uh oh. I’ve seen that before on your face, dear.”

“I don’t know Mom. I mean, we have to do this sometime so Hailey can grow up and be a real
woman. But Mom, are we pushing her too fast – too soon?”

“Look, you know we would have had her ‘birth defect’ resolved right after she was born, and we decided that if we were going to be women for the rest of our lives – why now have our baby not have to live a single moment as a maladjusted boy?”

“Oh I’m not against her having the surgery to remove ‘Miss Happy’. You know how amazing they are at Tiresias Clinics, and they made it possible that I, who was born make, could give birth to my baby. I want Hailey to one day be a mom – and I can be a sexy granny just like you (giggle). But what I am concerned about is the hormone therapy. The doctor said that by the time she is 11, she’ll have developed puffy breasts and her hips will widen. Our little girl is going to have titties, Mom!”

“Well if you want her to be able to be a mommy she’ll need to have that child bearing shape and to be able to nurse her child. It’s all part of going through female puberty, dear.”

I want her to become a mother someday – but I don’t want her to become a mother at age 12. I know you know what those society bitches say about us behind our backs, calling us gold digging sluts . I just don’t Hailey to have this reputation as our little jail-bait protégé. She’s only a ten year old girl, for God’s sakes!”

She’s ten going on twenty, Emmy. Did you see that pose where she looked over her shoulder? So sexy! Look, she will be fine – trust me!”

“Mother! Have you listened to a word I’ve said? I wonder if you think it would be a good idea to finally let her in on what exactly it is we do behind closed doors with each other and those naked men.”

“Emily – our Hailey will become a women whether we try and shield her from everything that has to do with sex – or whether we throw open on everything. Look, you and I never had the chance to be a beautiful teenage girl. Hell, you know I was pretty jealous watching you carry her in your belly. I would LOVE to go back in time if I could be Frannie instead of Frank. Oh I would go down
on my best friend from junior high, Greg, in a heartbeat."

"This is all part of her maturation as a fully functional female. She already knows she’s hot stuff. What we need to show her is she should not throw herself at every man and every bulge in their pants. Young men will be coming after her in droves, and needs to learn to be selective. I had to push you to accept your sexual identity because I was coming to grips with my own – and I needed a girlfriend as much you did, more than you needed me as a mom."

"This is different. We do need to show her that she does have a sexuality and how to manage it. Trust me, there will be no predators; you and I will see to that, and besides, Vic and John will not let their princess be hurt!”

“I guess I can understand Mom. I – I just not sure what I’d say when I hear my little girl ask me about the birds and the bees. Do I tell her that her mother and grandmother love having sex , and that she’ll love it too?”

“I think we start telling her the truth – in amounts she can handle. I’m not going to start exposing her to porn, but I would answer truthfully – starting with her “birth defect.” She knows that she shouldn’t have a penis, but not why. I think the three of us will have a long talk, and it will help her – and us – cope with the surgery.”

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