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Just Between Us Girls - Hailey's Destiny pt 2

Hailey’s Destiny
A continuation of Just Between Us Girls

“I’m not really a girl? Mom? Grandma Frannie? Am I… really… a BOY?” Hailey whimpered as tears began to run down her face. Fran’s motherly instinct took over.

“Baby – no, of course you’re really a beautiful girl. Look, think of all the things you love… pretty dresses… shoes… going to the store with Mom and Gram… everything pink… Justin Bieber…” Hailey nodded as Frannie held her, giggling at the last comment.

“Hailey – we knew when you were born, despite the birth defect, that you were 100% a pretty little girl – just like my mommy knew that I was a pretty girl too,” Emmy added, also tearing up. “And thanks to her making me a girl – I was able to give birth to you ten years ago – the greatest day of my life was holding you in my arms as your mother.”

Fran wiped away a tear and continued, “Hailey – I wish I could have held my baby in my arms as she held you as a newborn. But the wonderful technology wasn’t what it was in our day. I had live life as a man, and as father of a boy – your mom. We didn’t know that we were women inside until we visited Tiresias Clinics. Without them, we would never have bonded like we have, we would not have met your grandfather and your dad. We would not have fallen in love with them – and them with us. I cannot think I could ever be happier than as a wife, a mother, and of course, as a grandmother.”

“Wow. So you two could have been my granddad and dad. Now I don’t feel so much like a freak. I had read on the Internet about girls who had my ‘birth defect.’”

Emily took her daughter’s hands and spoke. “Honey – being a girl isn’t above whether you have a penis or a vagina It’s about who you are inside. Now the doctors will do more than ‘cut it off.’ You’ll go on hormonal therapy which will develop your body just as any girl does when she reaches your age. Your butt will become rounder and fuller, your breasts will grow, and you’ll have a woman’s curves like we have.”

“You might have a cute, slinky shape like your Mom,” Frannie cooed while patting Emmy’s butt playfully, “or maybe you’ll have a little more junk in the trunk like your grandmother – and a pair like these!” as she gestured to her décolletage. “Or maybe something in between.”

A now laughing Hailey “bounced” the bottom of Fran’s left breast in her hand. “I wonder how long it would take for me to grow boobies this big. I’d love to walk on South Beach with big breasts, wearing a tiny bikinis and having all the boys whistle and run up and ask me for my digits!”

Emily and Francesca looked at each, mouth agape, at the proclamation of their would-be sex kitten. Was Emily right – was little Hailey growing up way too fast?

“Hailey, let’s talk a little more about the changes in your body, and how boys – and men – might react to your changes.”

A few hours later…

“So THAT’s why you were making excuses about all these years,” Hailey grinned as her elders confessed about their past. “Is this why the society ladies like to…”

“Hailey – pardon my French, but we don’t give a fuck about what other people say about our family,” Fran said. “What your mom and I care about is you, each other, and our husbands. End of story.”

“And to be fair to your dad and granddad,” Emmy added, “they have been wonderful to both of us. They work so hard and travel so much. It’s not an excuse but your Grams and I – we have needs – sexual needs – and that’s, uh…”

“Honestly – sweetie – we have acted like the whores that we have the reputation for being. And – it’s not right – it’s not fair to our husbands – and it’s not the right message we need to send to you as you grow as a young woman. You deserve better role models then we have been.”

Aww, Grandma, you have always been a great role model – both of you,” Hailey said. “But are you saying that having sex is… too dirty…”

“My dear daughter – sex – with the right man – is the most incredible feeling. We both love the feeling of being the object of a man’s desires – of acting out our own desires – and of cuddling afterward. It’s also a great feeling of power over a someone who physically bigger and stronger than you. You feel like the goddess that you are (giggle). But you have so much to learn, to experience as a teen girl. It’s time your Grandma and I stop acting like sluts and start acting like mothers. We can’t wait for you to experience having a crush, puppy love, a first date, a first kiss…”

Fran bear hugged both her babies, “And we want to experience these special moments alongside you. We have handsome husbands who make us scream in delight. And you’ll one day have a guy who do the same for you, angel!”

Hailey gave both her role models a muffled “I love you!”

Two months later, a post-operative Hailey made her “debut” at the Palm Society Autumn social. Nobody outside the immediate family knew about the change. Frannie and Emily watched their “protégé” work the room, noting her interaction with some boys.

“Oh look at her , she’s got him wrapped around her little finger. Work it girl! Love that hair twirl. Now that, my dear, is SEXY…”

Hehe – oh she’s in her element. You know how excited she was to see those bumps on her chest. And those legs! (pause) Mom?”

Fran smile, and grabbed her daughter’s hand. “She’s going to be alright, Emmy. Trust me – you turned out just fine; we both did!”

“We sure did,” Emmy confirmed as she caught the eye of her daughter who had just finished chatting with a “hunky” blonde boy. Hailey blew her mom a kiss and Emily mouthed a “love you” to her child.

Then Frannie, subtle as always, nudged Emily. “Look at those two hot as FUCK studs over at table 2,” Frannie whispered.

“Those would be our wonderful husbands, mother dear,” Emily cooed.

“You know,” Frannie continued, “ever since we decided to be somewhat more monogamous, Victor has incredible in bed.”

“I could same the same about my John, Mom.” Then Emily had a epiphany. “You know… maybe once in a while, we could share a pool boy… maybe on my next birthday?”

Fran looked at Emily with a sly smile, and whispered “You’re so bad, Emmy – I worry that you’ll be as bad an influence on my dear granddaughter as I was to you. Next thing you know – Hailey will want her OWN pool boy!”

“MOTHER! SHE’s 10!” Emily hissed through gritted teeth.

Frannie laughed heartily and hugged her beloved daughter. The next decade would prove to be very interesting for Francesca, Emily, Hailey, and the men in their lives!

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300TH Post Special: HAILEY'S DESTINY part 1

Hailey’s Destiny
A continuation of Just Between Us Girls

ANNIE SEZ: The characters Frannie and Emily were introduced in the orginal posting - and I have now added text to the original as well - check it out if you want to learn how this mom and daughter came to be.
Ten year old Hailey Lindell believes the world revolves around her – and to an extent, it does. She wants for nothing – Daddy and Gramps are billionaires, and they dote on her, her mom Emily, and Grandma Francesca. Hailey often follows Emmy and Frannie on their constant visits to the salon, the malls, the boutiques, and all of fabulous parties.

Hailey’s developed her own sense of style and glamour from being her elders’ “Mini Me” and in their jet set social scene, the blossoming pre-teen is coming into her own.

However, some snooty people have privately castigated Emmy and Frannie – who they already believe are hedonistic tramps who dress provocatively and are sleeping around on their husbands – as poor role models for the child. At age 59, Fran has no interest in being a dowdy “granny – and she often flaunts her bodacious bosom.

While not as endowed as her mother, Emily has the model perfect body that any 30-something mom would die for. And while it’s true that Emmy and Frannie are often sampling the wares of the pool boys, personal trainers, and the occasional auto mechanic – they are careful to shield little Hailey from the sordid goings-on.

One time, Em had to make up a fib to explain why there were two naked men in Gram’s Jacuzzi, and Fran to console a crying 5-year old that Mommy’s screams were NOT because she hurt herself.

But by age 10, Hailey had a simple concept: I’m a girl just like Mommy and Grams. They love boys and boys love them – so boys love me – and I LOVE attention from boys! And while Hailey’s female ego was now entrenched, her role models were busy preparing to help her reach full feminine potential…

“Uh oh. I’ve seen that before on your face, dear.”

“I don’t know Mom. I mean, we have to do this sometime so Hailey can grow up and be a real
woman. But Mom, are we pushing her too fast – too soon?”

“Look, you know we would have had her ‘birth defect’ resolved right after she was born, and we decided that if we were going to be women for the rest of our lives – why now have our baby not have to live a single moment as a maladjusted boy?”

“Oh I’m not against her having the surgery to remove ‘Miss Happy’. You know how amazing they are at Tiresias Clinics, and they made it possible that I, who was born make, could give birth to my baby. I want Hailey to one day be a mom – and I can be a sexy granny just like you (giggle). But what I am concerned about is the hormone therapy. The doctor said that by the time she is 11, she’ll have developed puffy breasts and her hips will widen. Our little girl is going to have titties, Mom!”

“Well if you want her to be able to be a mommy she’ll need to have that child bearing shape and to be able to nurse her child. It’s all part of going through female puberty, dear.”

I want her to become a mother someday – but I don’t want her to become a mother at age 12. I know you know what those society bitches say about us behind our backs, calling us gold digging sluts . I just don’t Hailey to have this reputation as our little jail-bait protégé. She’s only a ten year old girl, for God’s sakes!”

She’s ten going on twenty, Emmy. Did you see that pose where she looked over her shoulder? So sexy! Look, she will be fine – trust me!”

“Mother! Have you listened to a word I’ve said? I wonder if you think it would be a good idea to finally let her in on what exactly it is we do behind closed doors with each other and those naked men.”

“Emily – our Hailey will become a women whether we try and shield her from everything that has to do with sex – or whether we throw open on everything. Look, you and I never had the chance to be a beautiful teenage girl. Hell, you know I was pretty jealous watching you carry her in your belly. I would LOVE to go back in time if I could be Frannie instead of Frank. Oh I would go down
on my best friend from junior high, Greg, in a heartbeat."

"This is all part of her maturation as a fully functional female. She already knows she’s hot stuff. What we need to show her is she should not throw herself at every man and every bulge in their pants. Young men will be coming after her in droves, and needs to learn to be selective. I had to push you to accept your sexual identity because I was coming to grips with my own – and I needed a girlfriend as much you did, more than you needed me as a mom."

"This is different. We do need to show her that she does have a sexuality and how to manage it. Trust me, there will be no predators; you and I will see to that, and besides, Vic and John will not let their princess be hurt!”

“I guess I can understand Mom. I – I just not sure what I’d say when I hear my little girl ask me about the birds and the bees. Do I tell her that her mother and grandmother love having sex , and that she’ll love it too?”

“I think we start telling her the truth – in amounts she can handle. I’m not going to start exposing her to porn, but I would answer truthfully – starting with her “birth defect.” She knows that she shouldn’t have a penis, but not why. I think the three of us will have a long talk, and it will help her – and us – cope with the surgery.”

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ANNIE'S CAPS - Redheads

Redheads ALWAYS Get What They Want!

The longest year in the life of the Flynn family was finally over. James Flynn (48) lost his beloved Anne Marie – the loveliest Irish auburn rose you ever saw – to the devil cancer last Christmas. James and his boys Collin (21) and Michael (19) were inconsolable because not only was she their beloved wife and mother – she was the creator and director of their alter egos.

Anne Marie’s heart was won when in grade school, James put on a clown red wig and stuffed his shirt as Jackieand the dress up games continued over 2 plus decades of courtship and wedded bliss.

One day, the boys caught Jackie and their mom being kissed at the door by their “boyfriends.” So the cat was out of the bag – but that wasn’t the end of the story. The brothers wanted a cool costume for the Halloween junior high dance, and Jackie has some extra ginger wigs – and Collin became Chrissie AKA “Pippi Longstocking” while the always petit Michael became MaryAKA “Jessica Rabbit.”

Nerdy Collin came out of his shell in drag, while Michael dreamt at night of waking up to 36DD tits. When Anne Marie left them, she left behind a large life insurance policy, and the lonesome trio decided to revamp their lives.

At the chic night club, a now sex bomb-tastic Marisa provocatively posed for the benefits of every man at the room. Her gorgeous older sister Christina had an 800 watt smile and was shapely in her own right. They lovingly flanked the father they now called “Mommy” – the voluptuous Jacqueline was eying suitable targets for her and her daughters.

That night, the pain of months of plastic surgery and hormones was worth it, and these three redheaded shemale-devils got their just desserts…

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ANNIE'S CAPS - Queen of Harts

The Little Queen of Harts

4 year old Clayton Hart always wondered why his dad George and his granddad Harold liked to put on pretty dresses and pretend to be girls. He thought they were silly!

But they had something special planned for Clay’s fifth birthday.

Lots of nice gifts – stockings, panties, dresses, Mary Jane shoes, and even a pretty tiara that fit so nicely over a cute blonde bob.

The suddenly adorable little girl ran around the house waving her wand with the heart attached and proclaimed, “My name is CELESTE, and I am the QUEEN of HEARTS!”

Celeste’s “grandma” HELENA smiled at her pride and joy and asked, “If she’s the queen – what does that make us?”

Helena’s “daughter” GINA also grinned, picked up her baby girl, and said, “Mom, if Celeste is the Queen of Harts, I guess we’re fairy princesses!”

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ANNIE'S CAPS - She's A Natural (Just Like Mom!)

She’s A Natural!

Karen Cho (45): Look, my darling daughter – it’s your best friend Brian, and your stepdad Joe. Look at how their eyes lit up when they saw us. It’s fun being a beautiful girl and having a handsome guy notice, huh?

Wendi Cho (20): I can’t believe this. I’m actually going out with another guy, especially Will. This is crazy!

Karen: Wendi – face facts, honey - you’re not a guy, at least you don’t look like a guy. You look like my pretty daughter. You’re a girl going out with her mom on a double date!

Wendi: Do… do you think I really look like a real girl? Won’t people at the restaurant know that I wasn’t born…

Karen: The only people who will have a clue will be the four of us at the table. Sweetie – I went through the same thing when I transitioned five years ago from Keith to Karen. You know after my divorce, I dressed more and more and decided to have the SRS, I felt so self conscious! But thanks to my counselors, the rest of our family, and especially you as my child, I grew in confidence. So when I met Joe…

Wendi: Mom, he didn’t have a chance. You have had him wrapped around your little finger since your very first date! I’m feeling inspired because you are such a beautiful and happy woman – maybe I’m a little jealous of what you and Dad have.

Karen: Yea but it took me 4 decades to become the real me. Look, I love you – whether you want to be Will or Wendi – but I have to admit, after two weeks, I’m just giddy of being a mother to such a sweet and cute girl like you are. I hope you decide to stay in “girl mode” It suits your personality, and you look gorgeous!

Wendi: I have loved being a girl right along side you Mom! And now we’re going out with Dad and Brian. I wonder what it would be like to be his girlfriend.

Karen: Wendi, you’re so young and you have so much to learn. Spend some time letting him woo you. I loved it when Joe pursued me – almost as much as being caught! (giggle) I love being his woman, and I think you could be so happy loving Brian. Now let’s go welcome our men…

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ANNIE'S CAPS - The Road to Recovery


Rex: Dad, I don’t know how you can stand to have those THINGS on your chest. Mine aren’t as big and yet they itch like crazy and my back is sore… help!

Gary: Well, I did catch the Femmefluenza virus about two weeks before you did – I don’t think you are going to get as big as me. Look honey – they say there’s no cure so our days as father and son are over – I’m your mom now!

Renee: Well you have adapted well to it. I mean, to think that the guy who taught me to play catch is now working in tranny porn as a busty blonde MILF!

Greta: Well I am a MILF – just ask all of the guys who I’ve fucked . Dear, you have an incredible body and you’re cuter than I am – how about we do a film together?

Renee: Oh Mom, that’s a great idea! Will you show me what to do with a man’s cock?

Greta: Sure baby – let’s practice with this water bottle, then work our way up to a dildo, and then we’ll set up a private clinic with Dirk!

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ANNIE'S CAPS - The GIRLS are taking over!

“The Girls” Are Taking Over

Ron Summers grew up an All-American Boy in every way. He played baseball while in school. He pledged a fraternity in college. He worked two jobs to support his wife and his newborn son Dustin. Sadly, his bride died in a plane crash – but the money he and Dustin won in a settlement would allow them to live without financial worry for the rest of their lives. They invested well, and bought a beautiful home.

Ron was a devoted dad who watched his son grow up to enjoy the kind of idyllic life that he had as a boy. Dustin is now a senior in college, and soon will be joining Ron in running the IT firm that his dad founded with his portion of the settlement.

So why the hell are father and son dressed up like two beautiful women out on the town???

Well, it really doesn’t take a lot to run an IT company, thus Ron has been home a lot, and he really didn’t get back into the whole dating scene. He began surfing the web in his down time, and came across several websites devoted to cross-dressing and the transgender lifestyle.

He still had his wife’s old wardrobe, and Ron was sort of small so he tried some panties on, and an obsession as born while Dustin was off at school. Ron went online as his new self – “Rita” – and Rita began to make several purchases through some discreet online merchants.

On summer break , Dustin discovered Ron as Rita – and to Rita’s shock, Dustin asked if he could try it. “Daisy” really enjoyed spending hours with her “mom” trying on clothes and makeup. Together, they made connections through the net, and they agreed to meet some nice fellows.

Fueled by some cocktails, Rita and Daisy giggled as they greeted their dates who escorted them to a wonderful dinner and a night of dancing. Barry and Shawn both loved sexy t-gurls, and they seduced Rita and Daisy.

Mom and daughter later confided in each other that enjoyed being ravaged by their men, and they pledged that night that “The Girls” (as Ron and Dustin called their second selves) had taken over and wouldn’t ever go back to being guys!

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Madame Jae's - GROWING UP MERMAIDS: Winslow

Torri: OK, I’m ready to go! Oooh MAMA! That dress and those shoes are SOOOO hot!!

Gloria: Thank you baby – and look at you, Miss Thing! (Pats Torri on her butt) Booty call! Torri, you look so fine – I’m so proud of you girl!

Torri: Well, I’m just showing the world what the Good Lord gave me: your genes, mixed with the magic of Madame Jae’s, and this fierce dress!

Gloria: Oh my gosh – I can’t believe how much easy it’s been to live and act like a woman – and your mother! And to do it alongside my girls! Stel, Missy, and Glo! And of course, we are so proud of our little Mermaids!

Torri: I know – I thought we were close as bros, but I know that Von and Jassy and I have an unbreakable bond, and after going with you and my “aunties” to the MJ Caribbean Resort, we’re all family now.

Gloria: It’s funny that you mention the vacation , Torri. I know you know this but – but on that trip, it’s when Melissa and I both – err – “found” our feminine spirit. We both took that step with our J-Club partners.

Torri: I know, Momma, and you’ve never looked back. And now all three mothers are helping their daughters embrace their sexuality. And I can’t wait to see what you have planned for us tonight. Going to a club?
Gloria: Not just any club, baby – now that you are 18, I say you’re ready to join me at Chipper Jae’s dance club. I’ve booked us a private table.

Torri: I’ve heard about this place – dozens of fine men dancing in – and out of – some fun costumes! Now I know why my purse is full of $1 bills.

Gloria: Oh Torri, you and I will have some of the finest – err “talent” up close and personal, performing for us. Maybe even some lap dances!

Torri: Oh. My. God. Mama, please, if I find a particularly “talented” hunk, can we take him home? Please? We can share him, if you’d like!

Gloria: Hey! Who says we can’t each take a dancer home? One for Mom, and one for my daughter!

Madame Jae's - GROWING UP MERMAIDS: McGraw

Growing up as MERMAIDS: tHE McGRAWS

Melissa: You know, sweetie, I always wondered what women talked about in the powder room. Now here we are having a mother-daughter heart to heart.

Jasmine: Me too, Mom! It’s been wonderful to see both us and our BFFs looking so pretty – but I LOVE the way we’ve opened up to each other as girls! I love you so much Mommy!

Melissa: And I love you, my darling Jassy! And I am so PROUD – as your newly christened mother (giggle) to see you looking so pretty and SO so happy on Kevin’s arm!

Jasmine: Yea, he’s pretty cute isn’t he – but then again, you look so great on the arm of our neighbor, Mr. Steve.

Melissa: I know, who knew that he was a J-Club Gold Level member? He is pretty cute – hey, don’t try and steal my man, you little hussy! (giggle)

Jasmine: MOM! (laughs) I won’t steal your boyfriend, if you promise to keep your seductive little hands off MY Kevvy!

Melissa: Deal! Ha! – now seriously, Jasmine – let’s talk about tonight when you come back to our suite.
I’m pretty sure that I won’t be sleeping alone tonight. The door to my room will be closed, and it’s OK if you Kevin decide to spend the night together – obviously please keep your door shut.

Jasmine: Sure Mom. Oh gosh, I’m shaking at the thought – of me and Kev

Melissa: Oh honey (hugs Jasmine) Trust me - it’s going to be WONDERFUL, and I can’t wait until we have a little girls-only chat at breakfast tomorrow!
Jasmine: (Laughs) I know! From one “woman” to aother – we’ll have quite a story to tell each other!