Monday, October 11, 2010

WARNING: Golddiggers! (now with 2 new pix and expanded text)


COLEMAN: Ladies – or perhaps, gentlemen- by my hand, you now longer bound by the punishment administered in my court for your attempted robbery of the Fast-Mart. You no longer need to pose as mother and daughter to avoid incarceration. You are free to resume your lives as Mr. David Moss, plumber, and his college age son William.

DINA: Your Honor, my daughter and I thank you so much – but we found that we like being sexy ladies. Isn’t that right, sweetie?

WENDI: Yes Momma. We just now need to find us someone who can show us a good time? So what do you say Judge? Will you be our “Sugar Daddy”?

COLEMAN: Dina and Wendi – please “approach the bench” – and close the door.


DINA: A penny for your thoughts, my little girl. You look like your lost in your own little world.

WENDI: Momma – now you know I always wanted to be a girl very since junior high– and we love being mother and daughter – but I wonder if we shouldn’t be throwing ourselves at the feet of all of these rich men. Are we a couple of sissy boi sluts or what?

DINA: Yes we are quite the pair of she-boi flirts. But don’t you dare tell me you don’t love making old coots like the Judge or that playboy in Vegas hard n horny! I know for a fact that we both get off on as much as they do! And thanks to their generosity, we have a nice little life for ourselves – pretty clothes, surgically shaped bodies, and a happiness we never had as Dave the plumber and Will the teenage slacker. I love you, and our new lives as sexy momma and her sultry baby girl! Now let’s finish our workout and go shopping!

WENDI: Oooh – shopping – one of my favorite new words – along with money – bikini – lingerie – erection (giggle) – orgasm (more giggling) – and of course, - VIAGRA! (raucous laughter)

DINA: God bless Viagra! Honey, I have the most beautiful daughter in the world – and if I do say so myself, I am the loveliest mother of the most beautiful woman in the world!

WENDI: I agree Momma, I love you – and I love my life – but do you think we’ll ever want to settle down and marry one of these rich, handsome, well endowed men?

DINA: Maybe, I have been thinking about it too. But until then, we’ll just be a pair of very happy gold-diggers!

WENDI: Deal!

And so, the former father and son hugged as they never did before – their full chests pressed together, their manicured hands around their tight buttocks, and then they kissed, first gently, then with more passion, as their tongues interlocked. Then they saw an airline pilot in the hotel lobby, and they smiled at him and beckoned him to come over. Score for the Moss women.


SWF 55 and 20, curvy brunettes, (mother/daughter) with “unique talents” looking 4 kind, tasteful gentleman with “vigor” and champagne tastes. Pix available - pls be discreet.

Kisses, Dina (m) and Wendi (d)

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Anonymous said...

What a couple of horny sexy gold diggers. They make a great team. Awesome!