Saturday, October 16, 2010


Their hair? Perfect.

Their makeup? Perfect.

Their bodies? You get the idea.

To survive after turning testimony before a grand jury put Roy & Doug Chandler’s lives in constant danger from payback by Doug’s racketeering cohorts. Father and son just wanted to stay together and stay alive, but to risk being seen together multiplied the danger. Witness protection had a crazy idea that the guys accepted grudgingly?

Plastic surgery, hair extensions, hormones… every damm piece of masculinity was stripped away. In their place, Rachel and Donna stood.

In DRESSES. In HIGH HEELS. With T – and A!

Now, because they valued their familial bond above all, they were committed not just posing as women but really being as feminine as possible. Then came that New Year’s Eve, where our heroines had accepted dates to the ball. Midnight struck, and they were kissed, and later that morning, the new mom and daughter truly became women.

When the sun rose, Rachel and Donna shared cups of coffee with tears, hugs, and the kind of bonding that only women can comprehend. They would continue to explore their sexual needs within other suitors, but they truly fell in love with being girls and the joys and passions that can bring you.

They were alive – and then realized that they only truly were living beings as women – and as mother and daughter

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