Thursday, October 14, 2010

MOTB Series: Out In The Open

MOTB Tales:

Out In The Open

Joseph “Jeanette” Bailey

And her life partner

Saul Williamson,

Invite you to the wedding of their beloved daughter,

Mitchell “Molly” Bailey

to James Doughty,

Son of Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Doughty,

On Saturday, June 16,

3:00 PM,

at Wildwood Park

Please RSVP

The morning of the 16th, Molly (24) and Jeanette (50) have a little womanly chat…

Molly: Mom, I thought the day we became mother and daughter together was the greatest day of our lives – but this is more incredible!

Jeanette: I agree, and we have been through so much. But I knew you’d the loveliest most radiant bride ever – and I’m pretty for an old lady in a slinky MOTB dress, I must say!

Molly: That you are! (giggle) – but I think there is a bridal gown in YOUR future!

Jeanette: I’d love a wedding, sweetie, but this is your big day, and by extension, it’s a big day for not only me, but for all transwomen. James and his family not only know of our background, they and the while community have embraced us. Of course, Saul was my former business partner and your godfather so he always has known. So… do you think he might pop the question today at the reception?

Molly: He’d be a fool not to, Mom. Just in case, I think we should have a little girl-to-girl talk…

Jeanette: Oh really? Considering that Saul and I have been living together for a year and everything is “out in the open,” I’m sure there’s some motherly advice I can provide you as a new bride. Every bride needs to serve her man.

Molly: And I intend to serve him VERY well!

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