Tuesday, October 12, 2010

MOTB Series: Grand Prize Winners

MOTB Tales: The Grand Prize Winners

Congrats to Michelle (formerly Marc) Abrams, not only for living her dream of being a woman, and a blushing bride, but also for including 9 of her existing and new male family members as trans-girled bridal party members.

How many of these lovely new ladies will stay in dresses after the reception? Considering the smiles on many of their faces – I bet more do that don’t!

Michelle’s brothers Jeff and George certainly can break as many hearts as their little sister, and if they don’t, then perhaps George’s son, Bryan will make you go “awww” as the pretty flower girl. Ryan’s Grandpa Paul looks radiant as the “MOTB”.

Now the real surprise is how willing the family of Michelle’s groom were to don makeup and deal with the prosthetics, wigs and shoes! The best “men” were his brothers Danny, Eddie, and Wyatt, and they also donned the hot pink minis as maids of honor – and even Tom Senior, the groom’s dad, looked fierce in his own cream MOTB (MOTG, actually) colored dress and shawl with the matching string of pearls! Finally, Wyatt’s little boy Zachary was just as cute as Ryan in the matching pattern flower girl dress.

Maybe one day, the families will reunite for another fantasy wedding in gowns!

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