Saturday, October 9, 2010

More Annie's fave stuff!

Let me hip you to some great new additions to my personal Library :)


Jack’s stepmother tells him that she can’t afford to pay for his college tuition. He’ll have to go see his father, from whom she is divorced, to get the money. Jack isn’t comfortable with the fact that as his eye doctor father is now living as a beautiful woman. Having no other way to pay for college, Jack reluctantly agrees to visit his feminized Dad. The young man makes it perfectly clear that he thinks his father’s lifestyle is repellent. Jennifer, as Jack’s father is now known, is hurt by his nasty comments until she comes up with an idea. Perhaps Jack might begin to understand her attraction to femininity if he had the guts to spend a day as a young woman. Jack is persuaded to go along with this crazy idea, convinced that it will get his mother/father off his back and give him his tuition money. He discovers, however, that experiencing what a pretty young woman feels is a powerful drug, especially when people are complimenting you on your beauty and trying to convince you to become a fashion model. Strange new sensations overwhelm Jack when he kisses a man for the first time.


Jack thought that his outing in designer dresses would be a one-time thing. It wasn’t his fault that he looked so pretty in them, was it? Before he realizes what’s happening, a quarter-million dollar contract to be the “face” of Exquisite Girl cosmetics is being dangled before him. Even though the thought of continuing to be Christine horrifies him, he needs the money to help his former father, Jennifer, who hasn’t recovered from her sex change surgery enough to resume her career as a surgeon yet. Out of love for his parent, Jack decides to put his life as a male college student on hold and become Christine again. Femininity has its seductions, and Jack finds himself enjoying being a beautiful model as well as the romantic attentions of the wealthy bachelor Grant Kingsley.

ANNIE SEZ: “My God, what a lovely and sexy romp. The perfect mixture of tear-inducing family love and erotic exploration of a boy’s ascension to womanhood. Worth the price – visit to purchase your E-books!


Born To Be A Bride #46 By SANDY THOMAS

Some guys will do anything for a buck...Bill even agrees to act as a wife! Detailed illustrations by Puyal. Quote Board. In the Pink. TV FICTION CLASSICS #46. 96 pages

Born To Be A Daughter #47 By SANDY THOMAS

What would you do for money? Bill becomes a bride and makes his son, Ted become a daughter for a rich man that needs a "family!" Over 25 detailed illustrations by Puyal. Quote Board. In the Pink. TV FICTION CLASSICS #47. 95 pages

ANNIE SEZ: “More great Sandy Thomas mix of sweetness and kinkiness. Let’s face it, Bill’s “husband” an d Ted’ “dad” probably walked around this entire story with a massive stiffness at the thought of converting two schleps into two gorgeous gals. Get one yourself (giggle) at

Sissy Girl Stories

I came across this site recently, looks like I’m late to the party! Under “Stories”, especially the author, Nina, are several family tales that are again, precious and sexy! Especially, A Boy Lost (father and son), A Mother’s Dream Come True (brothers) and My New Nieces (uncle/nephew)

Son by Lauran

Courtesy of Big Closet, this free story I liken to the works of Karen Elizabeth L – in KML stories were fueled by an already kinky daddy who already liked drag and found him/herself going deeper into exploration with his/her 16 year old son/daughter. Stephanie (mom) and Tammy (daughter) find themselves face to face with their future when their dates encourage them to live as women – and to spend the night! The last scenes won me over completely – Kudos Lauran!

A Switch in Time by Twilightcorps

Courtesy of the blog TG Mixdown

ANNIE SEZ: I’d love to see more interaction between “Penny” and her “mom” – I wonder how much of their life is better thanks to that mysterious force!

Various Selections from Tiffanystrappedtransvestitecaps

ANNIE SEZ: Tiffany has created a ton of fun caps very recently, and I love the fact that she sees dads becoming moms and sons becoming daughters as fun and sexy! I even included one “best friends” caps because becoming girls together creates a sister bond. Hope to see more! :)

PS: One of those caps may look familiar to you.

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