Friday, October 8, 2010

MADAME'S JAE'S:Revenge in the Polticial Arena

The Coopers Revenge: Rich Cooper, was an accredited attorney, state senator and rising political leader in his community. His son Adam was a popular high school athlete and student, and was being groomed to join his dad in politics and law.

But Rich Cooper’s opponent Wallace Jones, played dirty and he uncovered a series of private photos taken a few years before at Halloween, where Rich and Adam had gone to a party dressed in drag, even with Rich showing a little manufactured cleavage.

Jones played the morality card and with a series of negative ads painted the Coopers as deviants unfit to serve the public.

The truth was – Rich and Adam were both clients of Madame Jae’s Salon and enjoyed being “Rosalie” and Angela” from time to time and while they tried to defend themselves, they swore not to drag MJ’s, the J-Club, or the hundreds of other families through the harsh and bitter political debate.

Rich resigned as senator a month before the election and his party chose a local judge, Mary Conway, as his replacement. His resignation coincided with Adam’s 18th birthday, and Rich decided to through them both a present.

Two weeks later, Rosie and Angie reappeared, looking far more feminine and sexy then previously. Dressed like whores, “mom and daughter” sought out Jones at his favorite dive bar and flirted with the man who destroyed their political futures. They lured him back to a hotel room where cameras caught the hot blondes cavorting with the would be-senator.

The sultry she-males stripped, revealing their bulging secrets, but Jones was too drunk and horny to care.

Two days later, Jones mysteriously dropped out of the race and left town – due to the blackmailed photos that would hit the papers if he didn’t. Judge Conway won the election, and the Cooper girls went on to stay as mom and daughter full time.

They enjoyed a few more wild adventures before each one fell in love and married handsome rich J-Club members. Angie finished college and would soon help her mom Rosie run for state delegate!

I’m Madame Jae, and I approve this message!”

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