Sunday, October 10, 2010

MADAME'S JAE'S:A Salon Upgrade

In addition to a new background that is going to be semi-permanent, I have retroactively added text to all of my Madame Jae's caps. I hope to add text to all of my caps, as text helps give the blog hits for search engines :) And I have this new part TWO to the original MJ cap - and here it is!

Madame Jae’s, the world’s greatest M2F salon service, helps celebrate Father’s dad the feminine way! Cousins Ray (16) and Jimmy (18) took their respective dads Eric (38) and Pete (41) to Madame Jae’s for a Father’s Day surprise like no other.

The two brothers were always squabbling about which one was the better athlete or drove the nicer car, or which of their sons had the hottest girlfriend. Well, the brothers are now spending the weekend as SISTERS and MOMMIES to a couple of teen hotties!

The trick? Well that special Madame Jae’s Pink Tea they all drank seems to purge their bodies of testosterone and its alpha male hold. That and the Salon’s crack team of makeup artists, personal dressers, and girl coaches have brought out the sweetness and sex appeal in Robyn, Janine, Elena, and Paige!!

These fathers and sons are so thoroughly enjoying their time as mothers & daughters – they may not want to go back to their old boring male ways. Plus… all of the guys who hit on this quartet of cougars and kittens want them to stay this way!!

Let’s check back in on brothers Eric and Pete and their respective sons, Ray and Jimmy. Seems like the four guys loved being female so much they went for Madame Jae’s Permanent Solution. Now sisters, Erin and Paige helped Robyn and Janine shop for exquisite prom gowns, then their new daughters helped their moms look for something slinky to wear as chaperones.

Gary and Will, two of the hottest hunks on the football team, asked the cousins to go with them, while Erin’s best friend Mike agreed to escort Erin. The most shocking revelation was Paige on the arm of Ralph, his former father in law when Paige was a man. It was a magical night and both the mommies and the younger girls were swept away by romantic desires and new passions.

Here are the ladies and their men, strolling the beach the morning after the most incredible night of their new feminine lives!

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