Sunday, October 24, 2010

Madame Jae's presents BIKINI BONANZA part 2 Conclusion

Sweetie, You look really cute as a 18 year old girl! You really pull off the college co-ed look,” gushed Cara as she applied suntan lotion to Tina’s back. “And your hair is gorgeous – and you have such a cute backside too!”

“Dad – I mean MOM – have you looked in a mirror today? You are built like a brick house!” exclaimed the transformed junior Sheridan. “Tell me something, how does it feel to be a Hollywood goddess?"

Tina and Cara giggled, something new for both. “It certainly qualifies as a new experience,” mused Cara as the 40 year old blonde noticed that a few eyes were checking out the temporarily feminized father and son. “And speaking of something that is DEFINITELY new… I guess not every guy who came to Madame Jae’s becomes a hot chick.”

“OK, Mom, I don’t know about you… but I’m not sure if I want to flirt with a guy.”

“I don’t think anyone is forcing us to talk to men while we are here – but what about the way we look? They’ll make sure they talk to us. Again, it is a way to experience something new. Just thing of how this will be much us more “in touch” with our emotions and feelings. Women love that kind of stuff.”

Tina shrugged, “Well if you think it’s alright – OK, I’m just going to be a girl for the rest of the vacation – just hanging out with my mom – looking hot, and if a guy talks to us, we take it in stride. Deal?”

Cara nodded, and they hugged.

To be sure, Cara and Tina did talk to a number of guys, and many tried a few lines on them. They snickered at the cheesy ones, and even pointed out the “under-endowed” to more giggles. Cara did accept a fellow’s offer of a Mai-tai and joined him in the nearby hot tub. Tina was then approached by a dark ahired fellow who invited the young blonde on his powerboat docked at the marina.

The Sheridan guys were quickly acclimating to being girlish and were becoming somewhat smitten with Mario and James, their new “dates.” Mario convinced Cara to join him that night for dinner and some dancing. She didn’t know where Tina had run off to but she figured that she’d be alright.

The hot shower made her altered body tingle, and in addition to bikinis, the staff had given the girls a wonderful beautiful wardrobe. Dressed in white, Mario’s jaw dropped when he saw the man, the father who now looked and felt every inch a woman. Cara knew the effect she was having on Mario, and she looked t him as they danced knowing that with a single word or gesture, she would be his that night.

She kissed him with no sign of the male Craig identity showing. Cara and Mario made love that night, as the new woman allowed this stranger to penetrate her new sex. She cried in sheer joy as the tsunami of constant orgasms battered her sanity. Dancing on his manhood, Mario fucked his WOMAN for hours until their sweaty bodies collapsed in his bed.

Cara Sheridan was so enraptured she not only forgot that 36 hours prior, she had been a man, she forgot about the being a parent, and the whereabouts of her temporary daughter…

Tina was blissfully unaware of Cara’s location as she sailed the nearby bay around the resort with her companion for the day, James. It turns out that James and Travis were both headed to State – James in fact would be playing quarterback there. His dad had been a NFL star and that’s why he had use of the family boat at the resort. (Turns out his mom met his dad years ago at Madame Jae’s but that’s another story.)

As the boat anchored in the harbor, they watched a beach side fireworks show as Tina cuddled up to her host.

He’s very muscular, Tina thought as her hand just happened to end up brushing his crotch. Speaking of muscles, she giggled to herself, as she turned to look at James, he kissed her, and she readily accepted his tongue. He pulled down her shawl and unfastened her bikini top, and lovingly kissed and suckled her petite breasts. Tina never knew such pleasure and her gasps turned to moans. She greedily pulled down his trunks, and the college boy who never had a queer thought in his life was sucking this dude’s cock.

But he wasn’t a dude anymore; she was TINA, and she was his. The stud carried her down below the decks to his priavte quarter, and they boat stayed moored until dawn. As the sun rose, Tina woke to find her lover beneath her, snoring slightly. Her long blonde hair was frazzled, her breasts had little bite marks on them. Her breath smelled of cum, and her just christened pussy was sore and sticky. Even her asshole felt stretched and was also a little sticky.

Then James woke, muttering a half woken, “Hello beautiful.” Tina’s fully developed female ego gushed at her man’s compliment and the young hottie’s body ached for more. She attacked him, and they fucked until sun up. No sign of mom/dad.

James pulled his boat back into the slip, so that Tina could get back to her room to shower and catch a nap. The young lovers kissed passionately and promised to resume their frolic that night. But Tina worried about Cara’s reaction to her running off with a guy so soon after their transformation.

But to Tina’s shock, Cara was just getting back to the room from her sexcapades. They shrieked and laughed and they collapsed into bed where they chatted like two old girlfriends about their love lives. Running on fumes, mother and daughter cuddled up and slept for about five hours until Cara awoke her baby girl by holding her down and tickling her soft skin until Tina was out of breath.

They showered together, noting that Travis used to like to shower with Craig – when he was 2! They dried off and tried on some casual resort tops and Capri's and grabbed some purses which included their resort cards – now showing their femme names – to go shopping in the port.

As men, the Sheridans had little love for malls, but the duo enjoyed looking at pretty lingerie, sexy heels – but most of all they loved choosing some sexy little black dresses. After a girly salad lunch, they visited the island version of the original Madame Jae’s Salon, where the stylist gave them two great makeovers. Now wearing makeup and the cutest little black dresses with matching 4” heels, Cara and Tina felt totally feminine and, together, they made one final visit to the Guest Services desk – to extend their vacation to something more permanent.

Later that night, the girls greeted James and Mario for the formal dinner, and as expected, they did not leave their lovers until early the next morning. It sure looks like the sexy mom and daughter are here to stay, even when its time to go back home!

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